Unsuppress Large Imported Assembly

If you have ever opened an assembly that was saved as a neutral CAD format, this tip might help you.  When you open a large assembly from a neutral CAD format, SOLIDWORKS is going to tell you, “Large assembly imported.  Components have been suppressed.  Use “Unsuppress” to show desired parts and sub-assemblies.”

So now you have to go over each file and unsuppress it.   Don’t start yelling and getting mad about how long this process is going to take.  All you need to do is left click on the top level assembly and then navigate to Edit>Unsuppress with Dependents>This Configuration.


Now everything is unsuppressed with about 3 mouse clicks.  Now that’s pretty easy.

You should be careful about doing this.  If the assembly has a lot of components and your computer does not have enough RAM, you could have some performance issues.  This is because when you unsuppress all the components, they get loaded into RAM.  So you have been warned.

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