Upcoming CATI Training Classes for September 2016

Are looking to improve your SOLIDWORKS modeling skills? Are you struggling to complete basic tasks? Are you tired of asking coworkers for help or calling tech support just to meet a deadline?

Register today for one of our many training courses and let one of our highly skilled techs help you on your path to become a SOLIDWORKS Expert! We offer our classes in 2 formats; classroom and virtual classroom.
Here is a snapshot of all of the upcoming training for all of our locations. This schedule also tells you how many seats are available as of 8/9/16. Hurry and sign up before your class fills up!

, Upcoming CATI Training Classes for September 2016, Upcoming CATI Training Classes for September 2016, Upcoming CATI Training Classes for September 2016

An insight into our classes:

This month I am going to take a look at Assembly Modeling.

You had a very brief introduction to assemblies in your essentials training class. This means you have probably started creating assemblies on your own. Now it is time to learn the proper techniques to create assemblies. Proper modeling and assembly technique is critical as your assembly size get larger and larger. Our instructors will walk you thru the many assembly tools and methodologies available in SOLIDWORKS. Maybe you are interested in learning about the Advanced Mates, or how to create an assembly level feature. Maybe you are interested in learning how to make a smart component that can automatically add additional features and components that are required each time that component is used. The topics covered in this class will give you the skills and know how to create efficient assemblies that your designs require.


It is recommended that you have completes the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class.

Reviewing the Assembly tutorial is also helpful.

Topics Covered

  • Advanced Mating Techniques
  • Top-Down Assembly Modeling
  • Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners, & Smart Components
  • Assembly Editing
  • Assembly Configurations
  • Display States and Appearances
  • Large Assemblies
  • SOLIDWORKS Treehouse
  • Layout Based Assembly Design


Please contact a CATI sales rep for a pricing quote. 888-308-2284

Assembly Modeling classes thru the end of September:

, Upcoming CATI Training Classes for September 2016

Please contact CATI or MCAD if you have any questions about training. Any of our techs will be happy to answer your questions or help you develop a training plan that is best for you.

Remember that these are fast paced classes, and we cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. Please come to class ready to learn, and our instructors will help you get the most out of your class.

Bryan Pawlak

Sr. Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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