Using SOLIDWORKS EPDM with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic or SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D projects

It's very easy to get your SOLIDWORKS Electrical data into your SOLIDWORKS EPDM Vault in order to gain control and use workflows for your data.

To use SOLIDWORKS EPDM, make sure a vault and the local vault view have been set-up before changing the settings for project data.

  1. Tools > Link to PDM Configuration

  2. Choose ‘Check-In/Out’

  3. Choose the vault; accessible vaults will be listed under "vault name"

  4. Specify the sub-folder for SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects

  5. Specify the project data that will be held in the vault


Also, a couple of notes regarding the new environment:

  • Back-up workflows for SOLIDWORKS Electrical data and EPDM data are not the same.
  • Do not move any SOLIDWORKS Electrical or vault folders once created.
  • Do not continuously change the vault connection setting.

There are a few limitations that exist:

  • Version comments cannot be entered during check-in.
  • Manually checked out files cannot be opened by SOLIDWORKS Electrical.
  • Only one vault can be used at a time with SOLIDWORKS Electrical.
  • Drag-and-drop from the file explorer and SOLIDWORKS Electrical are not compatible.


Corey Kubichka
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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