Using the Wacom Cintiq with SolidWorks

In efforts to provide more valuable content to our followers, we decided last year that we would begin making some instructional YouTube videos.  Being the natural guinea pig that I am, I decided to give it a go.  This was just going to be a rough draft version full of spelling errors and horrible editing simply to get some initial feedback from the boss.  Well, almost a year later you might have noticed some of the nice short videos that have been posted up here lately.  Unfortunately, you may have also been one of the 12,000+ people that have seen my initial video experiment.  My only question I have for myself is – why the heck did I find it necessary to record an introduction??  Wow.  Embarrassing…

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it, just search “SolidWorks” on YouTube.  It’s called “Using the Wacom Cintiq with SolidWorks”, and it appears on the very first page of the search results!  Let it be a lesson to all that once you post a video to YouTube, there’s no further editing that can be done to that video (e.g. remove the intro!!).

[youtube width=”630″ height=”354″][/youtube]

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