View Your Windows 7 Reliability/Stability History

If we worked in the restaurant industry and you asked me how to increase reliability, I would say that’s easy – make the burger on my plate look like the burger on the commercial. In the computer world, however, it’s more like – prevent messages from popping up on my screen that announce that something ‘has stopped working and now needs to shut down’.

Windows 7 actually provides a tool to monitor your computer’s reliability. It keeps track of Application Failures, Windows Failures, Miscellaneous Failures, Warnings and Information. It then presents that data in a graph form so you can monitor your computer and/or application reliability on a scale of 1-10 (least to most reliable).  You can track by Days or Weeks and by selecting a particular day or week, can investigate what kind of errors you experienced during that time frame. If you want to go deeper, you can export the data via .XML files to do further analysis.

This tool is located under Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Action Center>Maintenance>View reliability history



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