Virtual Data Centers running EPDM

Virtual data centers (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)) can be a very nice option for both small and large companies running SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. Here are a few advantages:

  • You can easily adjust the “horsepower” of your server. Start small then as more of your company adopts EPDM, you can slowly increase the size and speed of your virtual machine.
  • Many data centers include backup services. Let them worry every night about ensuring your backups started successfully.
  • Data security. Hackers, firewall settings and security updates become someone else’s responsibility.
  • Guaranteed up-time.
  • No hardware/server/operating system obsolescence.
  • Great bandwidth options.
  • Sometimes less latency for your remote EPDM locations.

You still may want to have your EPDM archive server local, but I’ve seen packages where the bandwidth to the IaaS was so great users didn’t even notice when the archive server was moved to the IaaS.

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