“We’ve got a digital flow bench, we don't need no stinkin' flow balls!"

Traditionally air flow benches have been used since the late 70’s by racing oriented shops to optimize the air flow in engine cylinder heads, manifolds and other intake/exhaust devices. Originally developed by OEM’s this technology has since been commercialized into a thriving aftermarket industry. This approach has yielded great gains and understanding of cylinder head flow behavior. However, this technology is at its limit and many of the measurement techniques affect the very measurement you are trying to make. With the advent of desktop programs like SOLIDWORKS FlowSimulation, CFD analysis of cylinder head flow is now no longer in the sole domain of the OEM’s of high end users. Coupled with current flow bench empirical data this technology will take this knowledge to the next level! Another tool in the racer’s toolbox in the never ending quest for speed!”

Click here to read the full article written by our partner and friend David Woodruff from Design Dreams, LLC. http://www.aera.org/ep/downloads/ep12/EP10-2010_48-49.pdf

Also, if you plan to attend the IMIS show in Indianapolis, stop by the 3DVision Technologies booth #2441. David, along with many of our 3DVision Technical and Sales team members, will be there.

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