What's (hopefully) New In SOLIDWORKS 2017

Here is a compilation of a bunch of what’s (hopefully) New in SOLIDWORKS 2017 that was shown at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas a couple weeks ago. Some of it makes sense just reading it and some of it you had to see. I also say “hopefully” because there of course is the chance that ANY of these could get dropped from the software between now and when SOLIDWORKS 2017 gets released in October. Some of these are really great, time saving enhancements as you can see from my excitement !!!!!

31 Possible New Features for SOLIDWORKS 2017

  1. Bi-Directional Circular Pattern
  2. Multi-Distance and Variable Chamfer
  3. Combined Chamfer / Fillet Feature !!!
  4. Transparent Section View
  5. Thread Feature Lead-in / Lead-out
  6. Treehouse Drawing Import
  7. Treehouse Structure Print
  8. Shaded Sketch Contours for Clarity
  9. Advanced Hole Wizard (multi-step holes) !!!
  10. Smarter Mate Placement !!!   (avoid having to drag parts close first)
  11. Misaligned Mates
  12. Sub-Assy Saved as a Part Now Maintains All References !!!
  13. SOLIDWORKS PDM Latest Version Overwrite for Small Changes
  14. BOM Tables Respect Template Lock
  15. Notes Can Reference BOM Table Cells !!!
  16. Multi-Sheet Property Edits (drawings)
  17. Emphasize Section Outline (drawings)
  18. Jagged Outline for Detail Views (drawings)
  19. Mirror View (drawings)
  20. Manual Basic Dimensions of View (DimXpert/MBD)
  21. 3D Dimensions to Edges (DimXpert/MBD)
  22. Reorder 3D Views (MBD)
  23. Compare 3D Annotation Tool (MBD)
  24. Hide All Reference Item Types
  25. Offset Curve on Surface !!!
  26. Wrap Sketches Onto ANY Surface or Multiple Surfaces !!!
  27. Magnetic Mates
  28. Magnetic Mate Asset Publisher
  29. eDrawings Opens MANY More Formats (ProE, Catia, etc.) !!!
  30. Reference Other CAD Data Formats WITHOUT Importing !!!
  31. Maintain Features and Mates When Re-Importing

Be sure to participate in the SOLIDWORKS 2017 BETA program starting around June or July!!

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