What's New in VXElements 6.2 SP1

Creaform is constantly working to improve upon their products for greater speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Part of that never ending goal is software improvements within Creaform’s VXElements software packages. A service pack update for VXElements 6.2 has just been released, correcting a few bugs found since 6.2’s release earlier this year in May. See below for a list of those specific fixes.



  • Fixed a bug where probing a single point would trigger a Multishot acquisition with the HandyPROBE.
  • Can now open the contextual help after using a tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the calibration file was not changed to Active in the Product Manager.


  • Fixed a crash when creating an alignment without a nominal value.
  • Fixed a missing update when changing a datum label on an entity.
  • Colormap Grid can now be displayed in any units (mm, inch, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue when deleting an existing DRF alignment.


  • Fixed a crash when using the Draw line as a plane creation method for Symmetry plane.
  • Fixed a crash with the Fill hole option when the Middle point was selected before the First point.
  • Fixed an issue whit the display of Cross-sections.
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit boundary selection would reset the 3D viewer.


Cullen Williams
Application Engineer, Manufacturing Solutions
Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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