What’s New in xApps for 3DX 2022x FD01

Over the weekend of Feb 19th 2022 the 2022xFD01 update was pushed out on the 3DExperience Platform.

As mentioned in other blogs here, the update/enhancement cycle for the 3DExperience Platform is much faster than many of you are used to for traditional SOLIDWORKS (once a year).  In these FD (functional delivery) updates, that happen about every 2 to 3 months, there are TONS of new enhancements to many areas of the platform for everyone to take advantage of immediately!  That is another great thing about a cloud platform, everyone gets the new stuff when the FD is pushed out.

While there were many improvements to the “general data management” areas of the platform, in this blog article I am going to specifically highlight the major enhancements to the xApps (or “cloud CAD” apps).


3DCreator (xDesign)

-ECAD (IDF) import circuit boards


-REVIT import for architectural files

-Ability to declare “important variables” and easily access them in the feature tree for edits



3DSculptor (xShape)

-Shift Select to get multiple faces in a row



-New “Net Surface” command for creating sweeps, lofts, etc for Sub Divisional modeling


3DSheetMetal Creator (xSheetMetal)

-Bend Allowance & Bend Deduction flattening methods calculations added

-Ability to edit the flat pattern and add additional features/cuts to it

-DXF support for additional edits to the flat pattern

-New “Hopper Creator” tool for helping with parts containing Lofted Bend shapes


3DMold Creator (xMold)

-Thickness Analysis tool

-Better (more helpful) parting line creation tools with more options


3DStructure Creator (xFrame)



-Redefine the profile “pierce point” on the fly during or after creating a structure

While you may not be using these completely browser based “cloud CAD” tools right NOW, it is important to understand that every FD update brings these tools closer and closer to being right on par with the functionality of traditional desktop SOLIDWORKS!

All it takes to “try out” any of the xApps is a call to your CATI sales rep.  You can pay for as little as 3 months of access to any of the roles/apps and give them a “test drive” yourself!

Randy Simmons
Sr. Application Engineer, Strategic Solutions
Computer Aided Technology

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