"What's New" out on Video

Over, and over I have explained the benefits of attending the 3DVision’s “What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2009” festivals. I even went to your home town spreading the love.

Perhaps you were on your death bed, or maybe you were waiting in line to get front row tickets to the Celine Deon concert….but aside from those two excuses what other reason could you have for not wanting to learn of the new tools available to get your job done faster?

Now on videoGiven the fact that 83.7% of the best SOLIDWORKS users are also Celine fans [citation needed]. The folks located on the mighty 3DVision mountain felt you should be able to see Miss Deon AND become a better SOLIDWORKS user -and thus have posted videos of what you missed during the rollouts. The videos are broken out into three sections and multiple chapters in each section, so you can watch them at your own pace.

Enjoy and learn something!

Jeff Sweeney

Jeff Sweeney
Engineering Data Specialist
3DVision Technologies

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