What’s New with Meshing in Solidworks 2013

Last month, I posted some tips and information on things you could do and tools you could use to ensure that you have a good mesh. Today, I thought I would follow that up with some new meshing functionality introduced in SolidWorks 2013.

SolidWorks Simulation 2013 now allows you to do “Incremental Meshing.” This new functionality gives you the ability to remesh only selected solid or shell bodies instead of the entire assembly. Incremental Meshing allows you more flexibility in refining your mesh of individual components in a large assembly and saves you computation time. If you meshed some (but not all) bodies of an assembly before you run the study, only the bodies with no mesh will be meshed.

When meshing fails for certain components, you can remesh only the failed components. The existing mesh for the rest of components remains intact.

For bodies that have no mesh, right-click the selected bodies, and select Create Mesh. Apply the mesh settings in the Mesh Control Property Manager. Bodies that failed to mesh are flagged with a red mesh icon in the study tree.

This functionality is available in SolidWorks Simulation Professional and is not available for beams and 2D Simplification studies.

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