A summary of the exciting new features!

Automated Cache Management : New options for managing user and group caches are available. Clear the cache on logout and refresh on login (Get Latest Version on folder contents) provide often requested functionality.

Consolidated Delayed in State Notifications:  Files set to notify when “delayed in state” for a specified period of time are now consolidated into a single summary notification. Previously each file had a notification email which could be overwhelming in heavy traffic environments.

Dynamic Notification Recipients Filter:  When specifying dynamic notification recipients now, a filter field to eliminate long scrolling sessions for large user bases is provided.

Extracting Hidden SolidWorks BOMs:  Bill of Materials hidden in solidworks may now be extracted on check in to Enterprise PDM.

Flexible “Always work with latest version of files” Option:  You may now optionally enable “Get Version” (user specifies) separately for the solidworks add in while using the setting “Always work with latest version of files”.

Flexible Retrieval of Referenced Files During Check Out: Users now have the option to get latest version of referenced files when checking out a parent file.

Increased Workflow Performance: Changing states, particularly in high latency environments should take less time.

Navigating Tree Structures:  Controls have been added to allow expanding and collapsing of reference tree’s and jumping quickly between warnings.

User Defined Custom Columns: You can add custom columns now to the Check In, Check Out, Undo Checkout, and Copy Tree dialog boxes and to the Contains and Where Used Preview tabs.

Version Comparison of Referenced Files:  In the Enterprise PDM Add-in for SolidWorks, you can set the Task pane display information to include a Reference version column.

Version Free Variables and Workflow Transitions: When you include version free variables in the data card of a file, you can use a workflow transition to update the content of the variables without creating a new version of the file.

Visibility of Child Quick Information Warnings in Parent Assemblies:  The Child Quick info column in the Enterprise PDM SolidWorks add-in now provides status of the in-session SolidWorks file and its references. These icons now appear at the top assembly level for all lower level files.

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