When good things go bad…

As with any new release, sometimes good things go bad.  Something that is new in SOLIDWORKS 2010 that has some people quite flustered, myself included, is the convert entities command.  In previous releases, when you pre-selected a face and then selected the convert entities tool, the dialog box would automatically close after converting the entities.  In 2010, the dialog box remains open.   There was a subtle change to the functionality of most sketch tools with this 2010 release.  If you look closely at the property manager, on the same line as “OK” (green check mark) and “cancel” (red X), you will notice a push pin called “Keep Visible”.  This will keep the property manager open until you select “OK”…

This is great for some tools, like the copy or move commands.  However, is quite annoying for others, specifically the convert entities tool.  By default, SOLIDWORKS has this push pin depressed for the convert entities tool.  For others it is not.   Bottom line… If you think that there is a tool that should automatically close after use or should stay open, look for this push pin option.


Nathan Brunner






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