Where should I put my SOLIDWORKS file properties?

I hope you are storing your meta data inside of your SOLIDWORKS files.

Material, manufacturer, part number, treatments, description, etc. should be stored in the file properties rather than just typing the information inside of your titleblock. There are too many advantages and not a single disadvantage. If you disagree, call me. -All calls will remain anonymous….at least ’till I blog about it and make fun of you.


A fair question is: “Where should the information be stored in the file properties? In the “Custom” tab or under each configuration in the “Configuration Specific”?

I recommend putting all information in the “Custom” tab unless the property is specific to the configuration. (Pretty profound eh?)

As an example: Say you had a part that was identical except one configuration was made of 306 stainless steel and the other was made from 316 stainless steel. As such, all properties would be in the “Custom” tab except the material information (and maybe part number), they would be under the “Configuration Specific” tabs.

Documenting this logic in your company’s best practices will ensure uniformity and give your company greater leverage over its data in the future.

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