Why is there an (SS) in my SOLIDWORKS Material?

The Support call that I found interesting yesterday was the customer who called in and
asked, "Why is there an (SS) at the end of my material name? This is causing confusion on the shop floor especially when the material is Aluminum."

Material (SS) 
Asking around the Support group no one seemed to have the answer to the question so we
asked SOLIDWORKS why this was and below is the reply we received from them.

“Please note that some materials in the SOLIDWORKS Materials library have stress-strain curves defined
for use with the plasticity and nonlinear elastic models for nonlinear studies (SOLIDWORKS Simulation). These materials are identified by showing (SS) attached to the end of their names in the list box. Materials with S-N curves are identified by (SN), and materials with both S-N curves and stress-strain
curves are identified by (SS,SN).”

The only issue with this is the names are not modifiable unless you create a custom material database and change the name in the new database.

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader

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