Windows 7 SP1 and SolidWorks

In case you were wondering “Is SOLIDWORKS tested and certified for Windows 7 Service Pack 1?”, I have the answer below, which is Solution S-054436 from the Knowledge Base:

Windows 7 SP1 was recently released by Microsoft®. Due to an unfortunate timing coincidence, SOLIDWORKS is not able to officially qualify Windows 7 SP1 for use with SOLIDWORKS 2011 SP03.

If using SOLIDWORKS 2011 SP03 or earlier, please test Windows 7 SP1 in an environment (network, PDM, add-ins, graphics cards/drivers, anti-virus, etc.) before deploying it on production or mission critical systems.

Barring any major unforeseen issues, support for Windows 7 SP1 with SOLIDWORKS 2011 SP04 is expected.

1. Windows 7 SP0 will continue to be supported for the lifecycle of SOLIDWORKS 2011.
2. SOLIDWORKS 2010 will not be officially qualified for use with Windows 7 SP1. Windows 7 SP1 may be installed for use with SOLIDWORKS 2010. Any issues found may be reported, but these issues will likely be fixed only in SOLIDWORKS 2011 SP04 or later.

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