You no longer have to choose the lesser of two evils

In the past if you were a PDMWorks Enterprise administrator (or an admin over a lot of other PDM systems), you had two miserable options ahead of you once you upgraded your users to the newest SOLIDWORKS version.

  1. Do you manually check out all the files, run the upgrade wizard then check them back in to bring your files to the newest version (thus making a huge mess with anyone who cares at all about version history -let alone what it is going to do to your workflow)
  2. Do you leave the files in the vault as they are and listen to your users gripe about the constant SOLIDWORKS message: “The following documents will be converted when saved:”? [Personally, I always got a kick out of watching users squirm, that is another blog topic for another day.]

Without much (or as far as I can tell, any) fanfare, PDMWorks Enterprise fixed all that with a new program included on the service pack 2.0 CD <errrr> DVD! Check out the 2.0 release notes to learn more. Saaaaay…reading the release notes finally paid off!

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