It’s not clickbait if it’s true. That’s right SOLIDWORKS Composer has a specific tool to make you money that very few companies are leveraging. In fact, it’s so simple I’m shocked management teams aren’t fighting past one another to get SOLIDWORKS Composer and implement the strategy. Not to mention, most companies already have a key component of this strategy already designed and in place. Enough build up, SOLIDWORKS Composer can be used to ensure your spare parts business is going right through your already built eCommerce website.

Most people just think of SOLIDWORKS Composer as a way communicate technical information about assembly instructions or maintenance manuals. And they may even be driving customers to their website for step by step instructions and exploded views. But few companies are leveraging those already built exploded views to drive business to their eCommerce site. The Technical Illustration Workshop has a purpose-built tab for easy linking to Hotspots.

If you already have an exploded view like this:

And you already have an eCommerce site that has specific website addresses dedicated to “Add to Cart”, like these:

You’re practically already there. All you need to do in SOLIDWORKS Composer is select the geometry and add the web address as the Link in the Properties Pane > Event > Link:

solidworks composer location of link event in poroperties

From there, the Technical Illustration Workshop can generate hotspots from the link and export those custom hotspot addresses as well.

BAM! You already have your customer captive and looking at an exploded view of your parts (probably because they’re performing some sort of maintenance anyway). Why not make it just a simple click and ensure they’re getting the right part, right from YOU!

Want to get real fancy? You could even set up step by step instructions that walk the customer through just how they would get to those spare or consumable parts just by clicking on the geometry!

What are you waiting for?!? I told you SOLIDWORKS Composer could make money, so GO MAKE SOME MONEY!!!


Brandon Nelms
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC