Learn SOLIDWORKS with a Customized SOLIDWORKS Course Guide

Learn SOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS training has long been seen as a cost-effective way to strengthen an individual or team’s skills in SOLIDWORKS without placing the time burden of training on more experienced employees. Online SOLIDWORKS courses, in particular, have become popular for offering flexible, expert-led SOLIDWORKS training to users of all levels.

Of course, the SOLIDWORKS courses you choose depend on your job title, duties, and ultimate goals for training. Whether you’re new to SOLIDWORKS and looking to pick up the basics or a seasoned user who needs to brush up on a new functionality, digging through the extensive SOLIDWORKS course catalog can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. To help solve this problem, SOLIDWORKS has developed customized SOLIDWORKS course guides that you can easily find with our Education Roadmap.

What is the Education Roadmap?

The Education Roadmap is an easy-to-use tool that provides users with a customized SOLIDWORKS course guide based on their chosen path and focus. The Education Roadmap takes the guesswork out of which SOLIDWORKS class or series of classes to take by automatically generating your suggested schedule. Fisher Unitech offers paths for engineers, non-engineers, and those interested in a SOLIDWORKS certification.

How Do You Use the Education Roadmap?

Using the Education Roadmap is as easy as picking your path and focus – your customized SOLIDWORKS course guide will auto-populate based on your selections. For example, a non-engineer would take the non-engineer path and then choose the focus most relevant to their job or job duties.


Our Education Roadmap will then provide them with the list of SOLIDWORKS courses most relevant to their selection.


While you obviously don’t have to take every course suggested by the Education Roadmap, it is a useful way to narrow down your selection and pick the course(s) most relevant to your training goals.

SOLIDWORKS Course Guide for Engineers

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your skills in a particular industry or brush up on your knowledge of a more advanced topic, engineers of all SOLIDWORKS skill levels can benefit from the Education Roadmap by quickly and easily finding the courses that best fit their needs.

SOLIDWORKS focus areas span a wide range of products, and include courses for both CAD and analysis:  

      • – Industrial Design Path
      • – Jigs & Fixtures Design Path
      • – Machine Design Path
      • – Mold Design Path
      • – Packaging & Design Path
      • – Piping & Tubing Design Path
      • – Product Design Path


    SOLIDWORKS Course Guide for Certification

    SOLIDWORKS certifications establish an industry standard by which SOLIDWORKS professionals are evaluated, and are useful in ensuring your company’s overall success using SOLIDWORKS software. SOLIDWORKS offers professional exams and associate exams, as well as miscellaneous exams that cover different topics outside the CSWE tract of testing.

    For many people, SOLIDWORKS training is a useful tool in preparing for SOLIDWORKS certification exams. Fisher Unitech’s Education Roadmap offers focused instruction in:


    A Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA) is an individual who has successfully passed an advanced examination in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional administration skills and is ready to manage a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional implementation on behalf of his or her company. We offer SOLIDWORKS PDM training courses for both SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

    CSWA and CSWA-S

    A Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) is someone who has passed an associate level exam, which covers topics on a less intense level as professional level exams. Becoming a CSWA helps you stand out in today’s competitive job market, and is typically considered a stepping stone to higher learning. We offer training courses that will help prepare for both CSWA and the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate – Simulation (CSWA-S).

    CSWP and CSWP-S

    A CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) is an individual who has successfully passed our advanced skills examination. Each CSWP has proven their ability to design and analyze parametric parts and movable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SOLIDWORKS. The CSWP-S (Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional) is a miscellaneous exam designed to test an individual’s understanding of Simulation tools inside SOLIDWORKS and of simulation in general. We offer training courses for both certifications.


    The CSWPA is an advanced Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional exam. CSWPA exams and corresponding SOLIDWORKS training courses are available for Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Mold Tools, and Drawing Tools.

    SOLIDWORKS Course Guide for Non-Engineers

    Engineers aren’t the only ones who use SOLIDWORKS software — administrators, managers, and marketers can all come into contact with various SOLIDWORKS products. While the depth and breadth of knowledge required will vary by your job role and level of interaction with the design team, we have courses for every non-engineer skill level:

    CAD Administrator Path (IT)

    The SOLIDWORKS CAD Administrator Path is designed for IT administrators at enterprises. Our suggested SOLIDWORKS training path includes SOLIDWORKS Essentials and a heavy focus on file management and other valuable skills in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

    Documentation, Marketing, Illustration

    Our Documentation, Marketing, and Illustration focus include helpful courses for non-engineers that still need to utilize SOLIDWORKS products. Our suggested course list covers SOLIDWORKS CAD, Composer, and PDM products, so there’s something for everyone!

    Engineering Manager

    If you’re managing a group of engineers, you’ll need an understanding of the products they’re using, and know the best ways to manage and protect their data. Our Engineering Manager focus gets team leads up to speed with the essentials of SOLIDWORKS CAD and a variety of SOLIDWORKS PDM courses.

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    Rodney HarperRodney Harper began using SOLIDWORKS in 2004. He joined Fisher Unitech in June of 2008 as an Application Engineer Instructor to teach online training classes full time. Since then, Fisher Unitech’s training program, also known as 3DU, has grown and Rodney now manages two full-time instructors, a half-time instructor, and two training coordinators. He’s a CAD fanatic and loves to show how SOLIDWORKS training can help students do amazing projects.

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