Recap: FETCH and the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Design Contest

On September 7, 2016, we proposed on our blog a design challenge for our SOLIDWORKS community. We introduced FETCH, a claw robot that our technicalRevisiting-FETCH-and-the-SOLIDWORKS-2017-Design-Challenge-1 team modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2017 using the software’s top new features and enhancements. Unfortunately, there was one small hiccup. We wanted FETCH to be able to lift and carry a beverage can to one of our thirsty engineers. He couldn’t do it. The weight of the can caused motor drift.

That’s where our SOLIDWORKS community came in. We asked you to submit your mechanical fix ideas in our SOLIDWORKS 2017 design challenge contest. The person to submit the best design would win FETCH.

A successful solution

After our technical team carried out sixteen SOLIDWORKS 2017 launch events across twelve states and careful deliberation was taken to evaluate our design contest submissions — a winner was chosen!

Revisiting-FETCH-and-the-SOLIDWORKS-2017-Design-Challenge-2Jeff Jakus and Nate Taylor, Engineers at GHSP in Grand Haven, Michigan were able to solve FETCH’s mechanical issue and was awarded FETCH for their solid design and dynamic fix.

Finding the right solution is not a new concept for Jeff and Nate. GHSP is a company that values their customers by discovering, aligning, and delivering solutions in a manner that is worry free by designing shift systems, smart actuators, and electronic controls.

Jeff and Nate were able to use their experience with SOLIDWORKS to overcome the performance challenges faced with FETCH’s motor drift and claim victory over other participants. So how exactly did they do it? We asked them what their thought and design processes were like. “We wanted an off the shelf solution that was easy to implement and would allow us to hold the can at any height. The grease torque device does that.”

We were happy to celebrate Jeff’s and Nate’s success and congratulate their unique approach to solving the mechanical issue. 

Revisiting-FETCH-and-the-SOLIDWORKS-2017-Design-Challenge-3Our thoughts on using SOLIDWORKS 2017

When SOLIDWORKS 2017 was released, we were extremely excited to dive into its array of new features and enhancements. By using the new features, we were able to design FETCH and our own mechanical fix and demonstrate them at each of our live launch events. The new improvements in, Electrical, Drawings, Simulation, and the user interface helped our technical team tremendously in designing solutions.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 is already creating a stir since its sneak peek at the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 event on February 8th. With a preview of what we may expect with enhancements in Sketch, Assembly, Interconnect, and Large Design, SOLIDWORKS 2018 is going to be at the very top of its game.


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