Rocket Science Is Easy! We Have Lift Off

We have lift off! Yes, it has been a while but my previous statement holds true. Rocket Science Is Easy. At least for model rockets. As a final addition to this blog series, I was finally able to test launch the V2 model rocket my sons and I designed in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printed using Stratasys 3D Printers.

, Rocket Science Is Easy! We Have Lift Off

, Rocket Science Is Easy! We Have Lift Off

The first blog “Rocket Science Is Easy!” in this series outlines the basics of rockets, hoe the V2 was designed in SOLIDWORKS and provides a little history on the subject. “Rocket Science Is Easy! The Calculations” provides the equations and theory you need to design a stable and safe rocket. Short in length but including a video “Rocket Science Is Easy! The Build” shows how to assemble the 3D printed model rocket.

Did the rocket blast off without an issue, or did it explode on the launch pad? The rocket soared safely towards the heavens and returned unharmed with a perfect chute deployment.

I wanted to pass on this design to you! Select the link below to download the model rocket stl files and pdf assembly instructions. I hope you have as much fun with this model rocket as we did.

SOLIDWORKS Model Rocket Files

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