SOLIDWORKS 2017: Using SOLIDWORKS Interconnect

Collaborating with a customer or a supplier shouldn’t be a challenge, but with the many versions of CAD software being used in the industry these days, these challenges can exist. SOLIDWORKS 2017 has made helping customers and viewing different formats easier with Interconnect, a tool that will be part of their 2017 release.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 is not only smoother and faster than ever before, but they have made enhancements to almost every feature and product in their software line. Interconnect is the icing on the cake for those who need to not only open and view data from other CAD software but who need to make changes that can be saved and reopened by the original user.


So what else does Interconnect do? Well for starters, it can work with files from all major brands of CAD software including Autodesk® Inventor®, CATIA®, PTC®Creo®, Siemens®, and more. So now, jumping to SOLIDWORKS isn’t as much of an obstacle since it can now deal with non-native data in a friendlier, more flowing manner. This is especially useful for those who may have been wanting to switch to SOLIDWORKS, but their supply chain uses another program. Interconnect eliminates that problem allowing everyone to work together on a project or design throughout its entire lifecycle.

In the past, working with non-native CAD software had its limitations.  Although it was possible to import files, they existed in a state unlinked from the original file. Here are the top highlights that will increase your productivity and provide clearer communication within your design processes.

Inserting and referencing third-party data directly

It doesn’t matter where the file came from, SOLIDWORKS doesn’t judge, it simply treats the incoming file like one of its own allowing you to not only make changes but to use all of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS in the design.

Knowing when changes have occurred

Users will also get notifications if changes have been made to the design. Changes that have been made will appear in the design tree allowing you to view and automatically see the newest updates and integrate them automatically in SOLIDWORKS.

Treating and opening imported files like any other part

Interconnect lets users directly open an imported file that can be treated as a base part so you can experiment and make as many changes and modifications without affecting the original file. Even files that are unique to their own CAD software, SOLIDWORKS will recognize it and insert it into the design just like any other.

Assembly and part files are updated throughout the design process

With Interconnect in your corner, parts and assembly files are updated automatically as the design changes, meaning no other steps are involved. With fewer barriers in your way, users can now get the designs finished, increasing their workflow and producing the finished product faster.

Interconnect is groundbreaking for new users and power users alike. Technology is forever changing and evolving, so don’t get hung-up trying to work your way through obstacles. When you upgrade to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, you’ll receive all the powers of Interconnect. See how Interconnect can help you with this extended overview.

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