Stratasys Launches F123 Series of Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Stratasys Launches F123 Series of Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Combines Office-Usability and Increased Speed with Engineering-grade Performance


Motorcycle helmet prototypes produced on the F370 3D Printer at the Center for Advanced Design being tested for design validation.

Excitement and innovation are clearly back in rapid prototyping with the new F123 3D Printing Solution from Stratasys. Designed expressly to address all the needs of workgroup design and engineering environments, the F123 might just be the system that can put 3D printing into every office, lab and classroom.

No matter what your previous 3D printing experience, you can quickly master any of the three F123 models. The series has been designed by BMW Designworks, one of the world’s leading industrial design firms, and Stratasys to blend in with any office environment. The enhanced user experience includes a sleek touch screen interface, remote monitoring on portable devices, practically noiseless operation, and the integration of GrabCAD Print to eliminate any wasted time on file conversion and STL preparation.

“Our inspiration for the design of the Stratasys F123 Series was advanced robotics. Just as robotic tools of the future will adapt to their envisioned usage environment, we worked with Stratasys to create a look, feel and ergonomic design for the F123 Series that would offer expertly crafted user interactions,” said Andre de Salis, Creative Director, Designworks. “The Stratasys F123’s striking metal cladding expresses the performance, durability and refinement of the 3D printer to bring a new level of excitement and accessibility to professional 3D printing.”


The new Stratasys F123 Series combines an enhanced user experience with engineering-grade quality to address the end-to-end rapid prototyping workflow.

stratasys_f123_rapid_prototyping_approachBut just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean you’re getting “basic” quality and features. Quite the contrary! The F123 delivers engineering-grade quality and repeatability. It accepts up to four different materials, in 10 different colors, to support a wide range of prototyping and tooling applications. For example, the F123’s new Fast Draft Mode leverages PLA material to quickly produce conceptual prototypes at a low cost per part. Production-grade ASA and ABS are ideal for producing strong, stable, repeatable parts, and for even stronger, impact-resistant parts, there is super-tough PC-ABS.

End-to-End Prototyping with One Solution


The F123 Series represents a complete solution for rapid prototyping in workgroup environments.

Design workgroups clearly play a central role in product design and development in consumer products, aerospace, automotive and other key industries. According to recent Stratasys surveys, accessibility, ease of use and material choice are among the top priorities in the wider adoption of 3D printing for rapid prototyping in workgroups. A single Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printer addresses the complete prototyping workflow, from initial concept verification to design validation and final functional performance, to ensure product designs are thoroughly evaluated and endorsed before manufacturing – resulting in better products and shorter lead times.

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