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SOLIDWORKS: 3DQuickPress Version 6.2.0 Installation

3DQuickPress Version 6.2.0 Installation This post was republished to CATI Tech Notes at 1:46:31 PM 4/5/2017 With the new 3DQuickPress V6 6.2.0 Installation, this release is design to run inside of SOLIDWORKS 2017. This Installation will require a UI registry refresh to active the new Toolbar update. See the installation process to update the UI registry. This Hotfix is also Windows 10 supported. System 3DQuickPress is always working on improving the user experience, with the new online seat registration to V6 the user will find faster response with registration and un-registration of machines. If you still have issues or need help understanding the process, you can always call our support line. Unfold

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SOLIDWORKS World 2017: Highlights – 3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Highlights – 3D Interconnect   SOLIDWORKS 2017 adds a new capacity for working with files from other CAD systems. 3D Interconnect allows you to use existing CAD data from other packages without the need to convert them first. You insert them into an assembly the same way as any other part.       This part was created from a PTC file and had a slot added to it. 3D Interconnect also recognizes revisioning, so you can right click on an imported file and update it for a new revision:       This results in an updated model that had no errors referencing the sketch/sketch plane

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SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Hightlights – 2018 Sketch Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Highlights – 2018 Sketch Enhancements   Many of you got out to LA for SOLIDWORKS World 2017. For those who didn’t, we are glad to bring you some of the highlights. Here are a couple of things that they previewed coming in SOLIDWORKS 2018 for sketching. Yes, sketching…I know, right?   Mirror 3D sketch: For many of us, this ability has been long awaited. Using planes as the symmetrical reference, we will soon be able to mirror 3D sketches like seen below.     Thus making these shapes easier to create.     Freehand images and sketching really had not crossed my mind as a productivity booster. The

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SOLIDWORKS: Inspection – Creating Custom OCR Dictionary

SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Creating Custom OCR Dictionary     SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a very powerful tool used to speed up the inspection process. SOLIDWORKS Inspection exists in two different versions. There is a standalone version and a version that functions as an add-in inside SOLIDWORKS. The standalone version of SOLIDWORKS Inspection can open drawings in either PDF or TIFF file formats. Using SOLIDWORKS Inspection, you can balloon characteristics such as notes and dimensions. The program attempts to recognize the text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).   The OCR functionality works great, for the most part. Unfortunately, you may run into scenarios where the text is not correctly identified. This may

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SOLIDWORKS: DraftSight 2017 What’s New – #SW2017

DraftSight 2017 What’s New   All of the enhancements for DraftSight 2017 are driven by user feedback. These improvements were made for the purpose of reducing your design time and streamlining your processes.   Dialog boxes   All dialog boxes in DraftSight 2017 have been redesigned with better grouping, larger title text, and a more clear and consistent layout.     In addition, you can quickly see if the geometry will fit in the printable area as the print dialog box provides a true preview based on print settings.   Auto-hide Palettes   Now you can reduce the clutter on your workspace by setting your palettes to auto-hide. Reduce it

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SOLIDWORKS 2017: Installation Guide – SNL Installation

Installation Guide – SNL Installation   With any network seat, the first step to complete is installing the SolidNetwork License Manager. This should be installed on a computer (server) that all clients can reach over the network. It is recommended that this computer have a static IP address so you will not have any connectivity issues if your IP happens to change.   The system requirements are the same as 2016, it is no longer supported under Windows 8.0. Below are the system requirements for 2015-2017:     If you are installing on a virtual server, not all are supported. Below is a list of current supported virtual server that will

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SOLIDWORKS: What’s New 2017 – SOLIDWORKS Composer

What’s New SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017   SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017 has a few new enhancements for those of you creating technical illustrations. First, you can now generate Technical Illustrations in CGM format. You can now specify whether the CGM output should be compliant with the WebCGM, S1000D, or ATA2200 standards. If you prefer the S1000D format, you can now specify a 2.x or 4.x compliance standard.     Plus you can now customize hotspot properties to be compliant with the S1000D 4.x in CGM format as well as the XML companion files. All of these are controlled from the Assembly pane or Collaboration pane while creating or editing a hot spot.

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SOLIDWORKS: Flow Simulation’s New Transient Explorer

Flow Simulation’s New Transient Explorer   For Flow Simulation, the SP0 release of SOLIDWORKS 2017 includes great new functionality to post-process your results from time-dependent analyses. The new tool is called the Transient Explorer. We couldn’t include this in our series of articles on the topic of “SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New” since this function wasn’t available in the prerelease version, but I think you’ll find that it is worth the wait!   In prior releases, animation of time-dependent results required the use of Flow’s animation interface, which works like the SOLIDWORKS animation tool but is a bit tricky to set up.   Here’s a look at the Flow animation timeline

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: Best 74 New Features – #SW2017

Best 74 NEW FEATURES   The new release of SOLIDWORKS 2017 is now available for download and the CATI and MCAD Tech Teams are excited for this release. At the beginning of September, we started documenting the best new features of SOLIDWORKS 2017 from part, assembly, and drawing tools to the new features in the SOLIDWORKS family of tools like Simulation, PDM, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, and SOLIDWORKS Plastics. We have been sharing them with you and the SOLIDWORKS community through the CATI Blog. We have since published 74 different articles on 2017 below is a complete list/link to all the articles:   SOLIDWORKS 2017 WHAT’S NEW: BLOG SERIES – #SW2017 SOLIDWORKS 2017 WHAT’S

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What’s New 2017: SOLIDWORKS Electrical | Super Parts – #SW2017

SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Super Parts With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2017, several enhancements of the software have been created. This includes the development of new features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017. Of the many new features, one of these enhancements is the introduction of super parts. Often times when developing in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, we come across manufactured parts that require several auxiliary parts. This means during our design, we need to add these extra parts to our components to ensure that they will exist on our automated bill of materials. Although there are methods to expedite this selection process, we found that this process felt too manual for our users. So, in

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