SOLIDWORKS PDM: Making a Dynamic Dropdown for your Datacards

In SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can insert a Combobox Dropdown that will allow you to either type in an entry or choose from a list. What if you want your typed entries to show the next time you use that dropdown? This is possible through the use of a list that is based on a SQL query. First, you will want to create a list that will contain the items you would like to start with in your dropdown. In this example, I have created a list called Start Customers.


Next, you will create your query-based list. Add a new list and for Data type choose From SQL Database. Type in the following query:

SELECT  DISTINCT  VariableValue.ValueCache

FROM         Variable INNER JOIN

VariableValue ON Variable.VariableID = VariableValue.VariableID

WHERE      (Variable.VariableName LIKE ‘<variable name>’) AND VariableValue.ValueCache !=”


SELECT DISTINCT cardlistvalues.value

FROM         Cardlistvalues INNER JOIN

CardLists ON CardListValues.CardListId = CardLists.Id

WHERE      CardLists.Name = ‘<start list name>’

You must replace <variable name> with the variable you will be assigning to the Dropdown and <start list name> with the list you created for your initial values. The server, database, login, and password should all be pointing to your EPDM database server. Set the Refresh to Periodic refresh every 1 minutes. Be sure to test the list and save.


Now you are ready to use it in your datacard!

TIP: Be sure to use Dropdown instead of Droplist or you will not be able to type new values in. For Items, choose Special Value and choose the name of the SQL based list.

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