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SOLIDWORKS: Visualize – Do You Have the Correct Video Card Driver?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Drivers   At the end of March, support saw a big increase in calls with SOLIDWORKS slowdown because of windows automatically updating the video card driver. This driver didn’t work well with SOLIDWORKS and a lot of customers had to go to the SOLIDWORKS website and reinstall the correct diver. That blog post can be found by following this link.   When many people got to the website, they saw two different options that may have looked a little bit like this:     For most SOLIDWORKS users, clicking the 362.13 Driver did just fine. Today, I want to talk to the users that use or may sometimes use SOLIDWORKS

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SOLIDWORKS: Sudden Slowdown – Time for a Driver Update

Sudden Slowdown – Time for a Driver Update   After working support the last few days, a good majority of the calls were from customers that experienced a sudden slowness of SOLIDWORKS. Parts and assemblies that were working just fine now have a lag and SOLIDWORKS struggles to rotate and zoom. An Overnight slowdown.   From what I could find, Windows updates are pushing new video card drivers through, while also doing the security updates. So overnight, your computer updates, gets the “new” driver and now SOLIDWORKS becomes annoyingly slow.   The good news is, we can fix this and get the certified driver from -> Support Tab-> Hardware

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SOLIDWORKS: Make Independent Context References

Make Independent Context References   In my previous blog article, I wrote about Assembly Propagation and how it gave us some in context references. Though this automatic update is fine for our initial designs, some customers need to break these references for release and production.   Here’s the link to my previous article >>   In our bracket part, we made a hole. That hole is connected to our assembly and now we need to delete the in-context reference.         By Right-Clicking on Cut-Extrude2-> we get the option to “Make Independent”         This Breaks the references, and the feature is now editable at the

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SOLIDWORKS: Assembly Propagation

Assembly Propagation   Here’s our Scenario: We have our assembly made, and are messing with part fitment or ways to bolt sections and parts together.     While using the collision detection feature, we notice that our part will not work with the current geometry.     There are a few features that we can use at the assembly level so that we don’t have to go to the part level to change it. These assembly features will always take material away (ie Cuts), as you can’t add material to a part at the assembly level (ie Extude/boss).     For our assembly to work, I need to take some

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: Creating Transparent Section Views – #SW2017

Creating Transparent Section Views   Section views have always been a great tool to see inside your parts, or how the assemblies fit together. One thing is certain, it took some imagination as you moved the plane through your parts and assemblies visualizing what the sliced images were making. It was if you were a Doctor looking at a CT scan of images. In SOLIDWORKS 2017, Sections Views gets updated with the ability to show the selected sectioned parts as Transparent bodies.   When in Section View (View Toolbar) or View > Display > Section View. There is a new section called Transparently Section Components.     Here is where

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: Disabling and Enabling Equations in All Configurations – #SW2017

Disabling and Enabling Equations in All Configurations   Many SOLIDWORKS users use Equations and Global Variables to quickly change values without going into an edit mode, or just to make you models have automatic functions. In SOLIDWORKS 2017, they have added a new tool that lets you toggle the equations on and off with a Disabling and Enabling button. Before, SOLIDWORKS users only had the option to Delete an Equation.   When you are in the Equations Manager, you can disable the equations in the following: Equations View   Sketch Equation View   or Ordered View   Simply right-Click an equation and click Disable Equation.     The Equations will

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