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SOLIDWORKS: Time to FLEX Your Modeling Skills

Time to FLEX Your SOLIDWORKS Modeling Skills I wanted to take the time to introduce to you a rarely used but incredibly powerful weapon in the SOLIDWORKS arsenal. With the FLEX feature at your disposal you will be able to transform your solids into fantastic shapes, only limited by your imagination. I will walk through the basics of the FLEX command and show you how it will deform even complex solids in an intuitive manner. There are four types of flexes: Bending Twisting Tapering Stretching I will demonstrate each of these types and the result will be a solid that would challenge any experienced SOLIDWORKS modeler. I will begin with

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SOLIDWORKS: “ALT” the Under-Used SOLIDWORKS Shortcut Key

“ALT” the Under-Used SOLIDWORKS Shortcut Key If you have been using Microsoft Windows or OfficeTM for any length of time, you should know there are a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to help improve efficiency. Most of these shortcuts start with the “CTRL” key. (i.e. CTRL-O, CTRL-S, CTRL-Z etc.) What many people do not know is there are many other predefined keyboard shortcuts that begin with the “ALT” key. The reason for this is that it’s likely easier to find the CTRL key and there is little documentation available. For those of you familiar with the keyboard shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS 2017, you will recognize that most of the predefined shortcuts from

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Fix-A-Fillet with SOLIDWORKS     If you are creating models with smooth surfaces and elegant rounded edges in SOLIDWORKS, you will have trouble creating fillets where sharp edges merge into smoother surfaces.     For example, we have this part here:           We need to place a .25 inch fillet, which blends smoothly into the adjacent surfaces.     If we use the symmetric fillet with a curvature continuous profile, in the preview I see this:         Let’s look at the result with curvature analysis:         Notice that the blending looks good at the top but gets quite odd at

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SOLIDWORKS – Introducing CircuitWorks Add-in

Introducing CircuitWorks Add-in   As an Applications Engineer for Computer Aided Technologies, I assist our customers with any questions they might have about the operation, methods, techniques, best practices, and challenges to reaching their modeling objectives with SOLIDWORKS. Quite often, I have a chance to introduce our customers to features or add-ins that are off the beaten path. Today I would like to introduce you to an add-in called CircuitWorks. The best description of this add-in can be found here.   The purpose of the CircuitWorks add-in is to create solid models from ECAD files of types like PADS ACSII (.asc), or Intermediate Data Format (.emn) and then be able

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SOLIDWORKS: Modeling Fluidity

Modeling Fluidity   SOLIDWORKS has a great reputation for responding to their customers’ needs as well as responding through continuous improvement of their product. From its inception, SOLIDWORKS has provided many user friendly tools (i.e. toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, in context pop-ups, and the “S” key to name a few). In more recent years, SOLIDWORKS has dedicated specialized resources with the specific purpose of improving the efficiency of the user interface and streamlining work flow. The most recent and powerful of these include; mouse gestures, the ability to customize the “S” key, and user customization of the in context pop-up.   These great tools can save enormous amounts of time if

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: Group Component Instances – #SW2017

Group Component Instances   If you’re anything like me, and you’ve used SOLIDWORKS to perform bottom-up assembly modeling. You added your parts in one at a time and created the mate relations, like you’re building a chain or a wall.   When you finally look back at the Feature Manager Design Tree, you notice that multiple instances of your components and fasteners are spread throughout the tree. This can make it difficult to find components when the tree gets very long, as it will with large assemblies.   New for SOLIDWORKS 2017 is an option for the Feature Manager design tree that will allow you place the same components with

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: DimXpert – #SW2017

DimXpert The DimXpert tools within SOLIDWORKS are used add details to the model for fabrication by adding tolerance features and associated 3D annotations. These 3D annotations (datums, dimensions, and geometric tolerances) are used to partially or fully document the geometry. As the annotations are created they are automatically oriented in 3D space to match the source feature orientation and the standard views (Front, Top, Right, etc.) of a drawing. They are organized into annotation views which may be used later in Model Based Definition (MBD.   To help facilitate the process to include these annotations SOLIDWORKS 2017 has delivered several enhancements to the DimXpert tools.   Automatic Polar Dimension Schemes

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