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SOLIDWORKS: Geometry Analysis

Geometry Analysis in SOLIDWORKS   The Geometry Analysis tool is used to check models for potential topology problems with edges and faces. With this tool you can check for the following categories:   Insignificant Geometry Sharp angles Discontinuous Geometry       Geometry Analysis offers the advantage for checking for more potentially problematic geometry than the Check Entity tool in the core SOLIDWORKS, such as tangent discontinuous geometry. You can find the tool on the Tools drop-down menu or on the Command Manager under the Evaluate tab.   The fields beneath each category is where you specify the criteria for SOLIDWORKS to base its calculations from. For example, you can

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SOLIDWORKS: Critical Hotfix for DraftSight 2017

Critical Hotfix for DraftSight 2017   There have been many reports from the DraftSight community of the application not launching, or receiving messages about the service that will terminate on March 1, 2017.   Unfortunately, that was due to an expired Windows certificate. This affects all Windows* 32 & 64-bit versions of DraftSight released from 2012 to 2017.   However, Dassault Systemes has made available a critical hotfix to resolve this issue before that date.   To avoid usage interruption, please make sure to immediately download and install this critical hotfix, which can be found on the main product download page.   PLEASE NOTE: Mac and Linux versions of DraftSight

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SOLIDWORKS: DraftSight 2017 What’s New – #SW2017

DraftSight 2017 What’s New   All of the enhancements for DraftSight 2017 are driven by user feedback. These improvements were made for the purpose of reducing your design time and streamlining your processes.   Dialog boxes   All dialog boxes in DraftSight 2017 have been redesigned with better grouping, larger title text, and a more clear and consistent layout.     In addition, you can quickly see if the geometry will fit in the printable area as the print dialog box provides a true preview based on print settings.   Auto-hide Palettes   Now you can reduce the clutter on your workspace by setting your palettes to auto-hide. Reduce it

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SOLIDWORKS 2017: Installation Guide Part 5 – DraftSight and eDrawings

Installation Guide Part 5 – DraftSight and eDrawings   In this section, we will cover the download and installation of the free version of DraftSight. The latest build is still 2016 and can be downloaded at this location.   Select the version per the operating system that you’re running and your download should begin. In this example, we will launch the Windows 64-bit version and install that one.   First thing that shows is the disclaimer. You can read the entire thing or just scroll to the bottom and select OK.     You can run it directly from its location, or save it to your local drive first and then install

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: Thread Enhancements – #SW2017

  Thread Enhancements   One of the many enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2017 that might catch your attention would be the enhancements to the Thread feature. You are now able to trim threads to an end face. There are additional options within the parameters for you to use:     The following image depicts the result of my thread without trimming to any end faces:     Here is the result with the option “Trim with end face” selected:     Now I have added additional starts with the “Multiple Start” option selected. In this example, I created a thread with (3) start points. The thread is created in an evenly-spaced

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 What’s New: Converting Features to Bodies and Surfaces – #SW2017

Converting Features to Bodies and Surfaces   As engineers, many of us have had to deal with getting our data to a third party for the next phase of the release process. A lot of the time, the data only needs to show the relevant information that they care about.   For example, if they want to design around it, then they won’t need all the unnecessary feature history. In this case, all they need is the outside boundaries of the product.     In SOLIDWORKS 2017, the function “Convert to bodies” strips all of the feature history on the upper housing resulting in a body of a solid model.

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SOLIDWORKS with a Steam Controller

SOLIDWORKS with a Steam Controller Many SOLIDWORKS users like to have their shortcuts at a quick access to help improve their production throughout the day. Sometimes, pull-down menus and those from the “right click” may take a bit more time to search and find the command you’re looking for – thus slowing down your production time. In fact, the older generation would still like to see more digitizer pads in order to escape that. There is a way for many of us today to program an unbelievable number of shortcuts to one device. 3D controllers are in use today to help with that burden, but many of those may be beyond

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Fix Windows Registry Errors for SOLIDWORKS

Many of us have gone through some instances where Solidworks would fail to install or uninstall for whatever reason. That typically suggests a problem with the registry, and registries need the proper rights in order to edit them. For Windows 7 and earlier, there was a tool called Fixit that would help with this. Many of the same problems were solved by our Technical support team because of this tool. Now with Windows 10, that same tool did not work – but now we have an answer. You can find it at this location: The nice thing about this is that it’s a portable app, so you can store

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Solidworks Keeps Crashing – GDI

Many of us have gone through some instances where Solidworks crashes during certain operations or even at random. One particular issue that keeps repeating is when Solidworks crashes while rotating your model during an Extend Surface operation. This can be true when you have an edge selected so that the propagate icon shows during the preview. What actually happens is, on complex models, the GDI count can climb rapidly to 10,000 during this operation. You can view this performance with the Task Manager. You may have to select the column to display that first by clicking the "View" pull-down menu within the Task Manager.     One of the most

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SOLIDWORKS User Groups May-June 2016

If you're a Solidworks user, you may have heard of Solidworks user groups. Many of you are probably members of a local one, and if you're not, then let's get started! Users' Groups provide a forum for networking, learning, and information exchange among local area SOLIDWORKS users. The groups are typically a Not-For-Profit organization composed mostly of engineering professionals, but even if you have the slightest interested in SOLIDWORKS you are welcome and encouraged to join. Follow this link to watch a Youtube video of an experience at one of these events: So where are these user groups and how do I get more information on them? The best

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