Getting the Most out of PDM for Project Management

PDM project managementDeveloping products can be complicated. Turnaround is tight and unexpected delays always seem to happen at the worst moment. Managers need to adapt to problems as they arise, encourage collaboration, and keep the development on track – all while keeping costs low. Product data management (PDM) software was developed to meet those needs by simplifying the management of engineering data. When used correctly, PDM software can streamline workflow and increase collaboration while also keeping your files secure. Picking the right PDM and leveraging its capabilities are key to increasing productivity.

In this recorded webinar, product data management expert Joe Frank will take you through some of the best practices you can adopt using SOLIDWORKS PDM. Here are a few of the benefits you can experience when using PDM for project management.

Reduced Product Development Cycles

One of the biggest benefits of using PDM software is its impact on product development cycles; a study by the Aberdeen Group on productivity using a PDM solution versus not using a PDM solution found that PDM users saw a 15% decrease in development time. SOLIDWORKS PDM allows you to quickly create project folders using PDM templates, define procedures through PDM workflows, and streamline your engineering change order and engineering change request processes. All of these features enable you to work faster and more efficiently, leading to faster development and time to market. Being the first to market can have a huge impact on a product’s success, and helps give you a competitive edge.

Increased Collaboration

When choosing between SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vs Professional, one of the biggest differentiators is the advanced collaboration capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. This version supports both remote access and document/drawing vault replication over a WAN, allowing users to collaborate around the world. Users can also see real-time revisions and get version control for minor and major changes, so they always have the most up-to-date information and can easily work together.

For project managers, SOLIDWORKS PDM can be set up to provide instant notifications when a change occurs or a release needs your approval. This enables you to easily track project progress and quickly sign off on work so you don’t become a bottleneck.

Protected Data

In addition to the previously mentioned version control, SOLIDWORKS PDM software has a number of features that help users protect their data. Both SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional provide secure access for authorized individuals (including external users), as well as revision control so you can avoid overwriting files.

Explore the Capabilities of PDM

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS PDM software with best practices, sign up for our free webinar on August 23!

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