I am Adrian Fanjoy, Technical Services Manager for Computer Aided Technology.  I would like to welcome you to CATI Tech Notes Blog.  We at CATI, the technical staff particularly, are extremely excited about the possibilities presented by bringing information to you in the Blog format.  There are many aspects of SOLIDWORKS, COSMOS, and other products that will lend themselves to this format.  We are very hopeful that you find the information posted here helpful and interesting.    Please check with us frequently and let us know what you think.

Thank you,

Adrian Fanjoy

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  1. I have installed the new 2008 edition of SolidWorks. I would like to use it until the media arrives, but since I am also using PDMWorks, I cannot due to the exclusion of PDMWX 2008. is that available?

  2. Robert,
    As of this date PDMWorks Enterprise is not yet available for download.
    PDMWorks Workgroup is available from the SOLIDWORKS Download page, the SOLIDWORKS Explorer Install now has the PDMWorks Workgroup client built into it.
    If you need to install the PDMWorks workgroup server, proceed to the SW 2008 Installation and downloads page, at the lower part of the text box look for
    “If you experience a download problem, click here” Select the click here and it will take you to the manual downloads page. Then you can pick the PDMWorks Server to download and install.

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