SOLIDWORKS Home Use Licensing changes starting with SOLIDWORKS 2008


The Home Use License Agreement form for SOLIDWORKS has changed as of 9/30/2007 .  Attached to this blog posting is a copy of the HUL Agreement form that needs to be filled out and faxed back to CATI at the number listed on the bottom of the form.

Download home_use_agreement_form_eng.doc

The key items to note are as follows:

·        Home Use Licenses (HUL) are now activation based.

·        SOLIDWORKS still requires HUL agreements for any new SOLIDWORKS Network licenses purchased.

·        On the form there is now an area for “# of Activations Required” if left blank SW will only issue 2 activations for that HUL. CATI Admin Dept. will fill in a number to match the number of seats owned unless instructed otherwise by the customer.

·        If you are not issued a total number of HUL activations that matches the number of network seats owned you will need to contact CATI support (888-285-2284 or to have that number increased.

·        With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2008 SOLIDWORKS Corp. will no longer require customers to submit new HUL agreement forms to upgrade their HULs to the latest version. If a customer has an existing 2007 HUL and their SNL is on current subscription their HUL serial number will automatically be updated to 2008.

·        All HUL licenses created will match the lowest level product on the Network that all users can access at one time. (No change from previous versions)

·        If a user leaves a company and does not deactivate their HUL seat the customer will need to contact CATI support to have that HUL seat deactivated.

Enjoy using SOLIDWORKS at home!


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Josh Altergott