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Solidworks Custom Property Builder Work Around

I have been asked several times if there is a quick way of populating custom properties into drawings, parts, and assemblies outside of using a data management system.  Solidworks has created a custom property builder to speed up the process.  You can create a drop down list for any custom property so that it can be easily selected.    The problem is that when you save the property template out it only allows you to save this for a part file   To save these templates for drawings and assemblies first you must save it as a part template (.prtprp), then you can rename the extension to .asmprp for assemblies .drwprp for

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How to Start a Sheet Metal Part?

Occasionally we get calls from people on how to do something, like start a sheet metal part, but they've not had the training class for that yet. In this post I'll try to share the very basics of starting a sheet metal part. It certainly won't cover everything and isn't meant to be a replacement for training, but it's something for right now. – Check out the attached 10 minute video. Download Sheet_Metal-How_to_Start

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Journal File Where and What is it????

With the implementations of Solidworks 2011 and steady migration from XP to Windows 7 there are always pluses and minuses. I never recommend to anyone that when going from one version to the next that you use the copy settings wizard.  I always recommend a clean uninstall and then a fresh install. What I have been seeing as of late has be Journal File errors. You know the one(it usually happens when you quadruple click at 7 in the morning to get going on your projects). "A journal file could not be created. Auto recover will not work. Another session of Solidworks may be running on your machine." What is

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Help your Pressure Vessel Designs meet ASME Section 8 requirments.

A Pressure Vessel study combines results of multiple loads and understand behavior of any cross section as per ASME standards. A typical load includes internal pressure, temperature rise and earthquake loads. So to start with a user will create different static studies to understand design behavior under each load type (pressure, temperature, etc).   Using SolidWorks Simulation users can easily study the effect of multiple loads on designs.     Once a Pressure Vessel Design is run, users can use stress linearization to separate bending and membrane stresses. Simply define a section clipping on the stress plot, then right click and pick linearize. Pick any two points on the section

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Repurposing at file export

    The other day I got one of those questions.  "I got a question, Bob. Can you take the points from a spline and save them out to a text file?" I was good up to the save them out to a text file. My brain threw the parking brake, "Ok say that again". You should always ask someone to repeat themselves when you think they are asking a stupid question. “So the real question was, “The user needs to get captured points along a curve or line into excel for a project.” So we started to work on the issue. First off, there isn’t a save selected points to excel.

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How to enter points with x, y and z coordinates?

Sometimes you may receive files from vendors or get information from a CCM where you need to plot out reference points using x, y and z coordinates.  There are not many tools in SolidWorks that will allow you to enter in x, y, z coordinates regardless of the feature type.  One trick is using a 3D sketch… In a 3D sketch: 1  -  Create however many points you need.  (Doesn't matter the location.) 2  -  Select a point.  Using the property manager on the left hand side, enter in the x, y, z coordinates of the point. Note:  Parameters for any entity in the property manager are strictly for reference.  Entering

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CSWP exam tip –Utilizing the “Edit All..” button for quick equation changes

The first section of the CSWP exam has you build a part, figure the mass of the part and then change several dimensions to then calculate the mass again. This tip is to help you save time on this first section of the CSWP. The exam gives you a list of dimensions to use to build the part. What you want to do is take this list and create equations from it, before doing any modeling.   Now that you have the dimension equations in place go ahead and model the part by using these equations to define the specific dimensions called out in the CSWP exam. Once you have

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SolidWorks 2012 Is Here!

Be the first to see SolidWorks 2012 live at the CATI Design Innovation Summit.  The Design Innovation Summit is a unique opportunity to learn how you can help your company succeed in making better products faster.  Attendees will have a chance to win a trip to SolidWorks World 2012, sponsored by Objet Geometries. >>Click Here to Learn More Event Highlights: The latest SolidWorks Solution offerings FREE hands-on SolidWorks Training User focused content Multiple presentation tracks to customize your experience 3D Printing from Objet Geometries Presentations from top SolidWorks World Presenters See real products designed in SolidWorks Network with fellow SolidWorks users Contests and prizes(Win a trip to SolidWorks World 2012)

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