Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics?

Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics? Injection molded plastic products are all around us.  Most of us don’t pay attention to things like this, so here is a simple example.  As I write this sitting at my work desk, within arm’s length are the following items that I know have injection molded plastic parts: android smartphone housing and protective case, several components of the laptop like the housing, the keyboard keys, and the LCD screen bezel, the body of the webcam, the secondary […]

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrators…are you looking for more training?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrators…are you looking for more training? Since the SOLIDWORKS PDM product was introduced 10+ years ago, InFlow team members have trained hundreds of administrators. Recently, some of our administrators have asked for more. They are looking for classes to get a bit more out of the system, especially covering advanced topics or topics not covered in any training class. Earlier this year, we released 2 new classes and conducted those new classes for the first time in October. […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 Installation Guide Part 4 – Composer, Plastics, Inspection, MBD and Simulation Installation 

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Installation Guide Part 4 – Composer, Plastics, Inspection, MBD and Simulation Installation What do I need to know to install my Composer, Plastics, Inspection, MBD, or Simulation package? First, all of these products are now installed thru the SOLIDWORKS installation manager. To download the installation manager you will need to click the SOLIDWORKS download link. Run the installation manager, and enter the serial number for your products. If you have all of your licenses set up to be renewed at the […]

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection: Simplify and Automate your First Article Inspection Process

SOLIDWORKS Inspection: Simplify and Automate your First Article Inspection Process Paperwork….UGH! It seems never ending when designing new products. One of the most important tasks after designing is the in-process or receiving Inspection process. What if there was a software to make that task easier, faster and with minimal errors? We have the tool for you! Introducing SOLIDWORKS Inspection. This tool is a First Article Inspection (FAI) tool that will simplify and automate the process of ballooning inspection drawings and […]

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Even More Power with VXelements 6.1

As an industry leader, Creaform is always looking to improve and enhance the functionality of its scanners and software.  With VXelements 6.1 set to be released soon, we will have even more power in inspection and reverse engineering. One thing many users want to know is how easy is it for beginners to use the scanners to inspect their product.  From personal experience I can say that geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) has a lot that goes into it and […]

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SOLIDWORKS PCB 2017 – ECAD to MCAD and Back – Printed Circuit Board Design

In SOLIDWORKS 2017 we introduce a new product in our line up called SOLIDWORKS PCB and PCB Connector. The development of printed circuit boards has been a part of the SOLIDWORKS design process on the mechanical side for quite some time now. However, we didn’t step into the actual development process of printed circuit board(PCB) schematics and layouts until now. In this process, we begin to bridge the gap between ECAD and MCAD design. Instead of working in multiple design […]

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Would SOLIDWORKS PDM Web 2 Benefit My Company?

Would SOLIDWORKS PDM Web 2 Benefit My Company? Primary Benefactors Companies that have vendors or off site personnel that need access to the vault but are not part of the design team would benefit from Web2. Field server might be a good example of someone that is mobile and needs to pull up drawings read only.  Web2 may give them greater accessibility to current drawings. CAD users may also benefit from it as an additional option but they would typically […]

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: A Discussion

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: A Discussion As a simulation engineer, the question often comes up as to why one would need to move into a higher-level analysis such as Nonlinear and/or Dynamics. The goal for this blog is to cover why one would move into a Premium level study and give a high-level overview of the capabilities included in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium includes a lot of added capability and is the cream of the crop for Simulation capabilities available […]

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Desktop Metal Highlights

Everybody loves 3D printing, but everyone also wishes it was cheaper, faster, and stronger. For a lot of applications, plastic 3D printers do a great job, but there are still plenty of applications where the strength or temperature requirements are just too high for plastics. That’s where metals come in. Unfortunately, today’s metal 3D printing is still in its infancy. It’s too industrial for prototyping, too slow for production, and too expensive for both. Desktop Metal has announced two printers […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 Installation Guide Part 3 – Electrical Installations

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Installation Guide Part 3 – Electrical Installations SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be broken down into two parts SQL Metadata and Electronic Program Data SQL Meta Data has All data about everything… (All the CAD document data is contained here.) Electronic Program Data Program Files – The application, (without this the program will not run). Program Data – The data, (without it the program will run…but will have no content) Licensing scheme for SOLIDWORKS Electrical: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic SOLIDWORKS Electrical […]

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