The Importance of Design Intent for SOLIDWORKS Files

CATI's monthly contribution to the SOLIDWORKS Blog was posted this week. This month I chose to write about how to the importance of Design Intent when creating files in SolidWorks. The article is based upon a discussion about Design Intent that I had with group of students. The article talks about how Design Intent as defined in the SOLIDWORKS Help is "Design intent is how your model behaves when dimensions are modified", and how Design Intent goes much further than […]

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Avatar’s Neytiri is Wearing Stratasys at the 2013 3D Printshow

London was the center of the 3D printing world last week as over 12,000 technology providers, designers, manufacturers, business people, students and aficionados from all over the world gathered to explore the industry’s latest innovations. Models and products created with Stratasys 3D Printers were there in force, representing a wide variety of fields and applications: The role of 3D printing in fashion is becoming more prominent by the season; in London, 3D printed shoes designed by Reem D. Koolhaas and Iris van […]

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A Healthy Prognosis for 3D Printing in Medicine

3D printing innovation comes in many forms, but one of the most gratifying is to see how it is solving problems in the medical field. From producing perfect replicas of organs and bones for surgical guides to manufacturing one-of-a-kind medical devices, the prognosis for 3D printing in medicine is extremely positive. 3D printing offers substantial advantages in planning for surgeries, allowing physicians to visualize and manipulate internal organs, blood vessels or bones in advance of the actual operations. Especially useful in […]

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Using the SOLIDWORKS Autotransition Tool

Can anyone tell me what the two most used sketch entities in SolidWorks are? If you said lines and arcs you are correct! Now did you know there is an easy way to switch between these entities without changing commands? Look no further I will show you how! The SOLIDWORKS autotransition tool will let you begin drawing with the line command, then switch to a tangent arc in one easy motion. First begin drawing your line using the click – […]

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First peek at EPDM Web 2

At our “What’s New in EPDM 2014” presentations I hinted there would be a new Web version of EPDM coming out soon. It is getting so close I can almost taste it! I’ve been told not to ask how, but my boys at Javelin have a preview video, check it out! I think we can all agree this is pretty groovy! Like how they sneak in a little demo of SOLIDWORKS Electrical in there? Clever eh? [Little Canadian humor.]  

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How to make life easier with FORMAT PAINTER in SolidWorks

The key to making quick changes in parts, assemblies, or drawings is to first find the item you want to change.  Let us take a quick look at a layout sketch situation.  Here I have a picture of a simplified weldment with all of the annotations shown.  I have circled the dimensions that belong the layout sketch.  The problem is that finding those dimensions in this situation would be difficult if all the annotations are shown.  One can make the […]

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How Much Does it Cost?

When you create a new design, you need to know how much it costs.  Are you going to be over budget or under?  How do you find the cost of your sheet metal or machined parts?  I would guess that you have an elaborate spreadsheet that you use to “guess” the price or you just compare it to a similar design.  Well if you have SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium, you could use SOLIDWORKS Costing. SOLIDWORKS Costing is a cost estimation […]

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How 3D Printing Can Change Manufacturing: Personal, Augmented and Alternative

3D printing is beginning to level the playing field for manufacturers of all sizes. Businesses in many industries can compete more effectively, relying less on outsourcing through producing product prototypes in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manufacturing methods and by creating small volumes of parts without tooling. We are seeing that companies are not just complementing conventional machining with additive manufacturing, they are redesigning their products and product lines for enhanced efficiency and profitability. Stratasys recognizes […]

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Keeping the honest honest with automated cache management

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2014 has introduced a new function named “Clear cache during log out” -from the help file: Automatically clears the local cache upon logout. This removes unneeded files, reduces the cache size, and increases security on machines used by multiple users. When users logs out, Enterprise PDM clears the cache of any folders with this setting using an automated version of the Clear Local Cache command. The cache is also cleared when users select to work offline or when users shut down their […]

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