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Trend Tracker

One common trait all engineers share; is being curious. How components respond to subtle changes has always been a big turn on for me. Geeks like to call this sensitivity analysis.  SolidWorks Simulation terms this as “Trend Tracker”. The notion being to track changes in a design, with respect to design parameters e.g. weight, strength etc. Historically this has been done using pen and paper. At the onset of 21st century it’s time to digitize!! Once you have a concept design ready, we start testing and making changes on the fly. Trend Tracker helps you keep track of changes with respect to engineering parameters. Once user tests the first design

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Extract Images from Word 2007

One of my co-workers was creating a very important blog article, and came across a problem. While compiling his blog, he noticed that he needed the images as their own files for typepad. Well, you can't just right mouse button click and hit save image as in Word. (WHAT! are you kidding). But I did find this great little nugget of kryptonite. The new Word DOCX format is really a ZIP file. I thought this was very cool and needed to share it with everyone else. Microsoft Office 2007's new file format is XML. When you save a document in Word 2007's default DOCX format, you are actually saving a zip file that contains

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SolidWorks Commercial Edition vs. SolidWorks Stimulus Edition

SolidWorks has recently released the SolidWorks Engineering Stimulus Package ( with this package comes a 90 Day License of SolidWorks. The edition of SolidWorks that comes with the Stimulus Package is the same software that is given out to students with the Education Edition of SolidWorks. For as long as SolidWorks has had both a Commercial Edition and an Educational Edition there has always been the issue of files created in the Edu. Edition putting their Watermark/Stamp on the Commercial Edition files when the Edu. Edition files are used in the Commercial Edition. The Watermark/Stamp that SolidWorks applies on their Edu. files are something that cannot be removed. If you

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The Danger of Dual Monitors

Be careful when creating a registry file that is going to be used across your organization if you are using dual monitors.  You do not want to have something get pushed to a second monitor, if not every user has a second monitor.  A user could get stuck waiting for something that never shows up because it is off their screen.  In SolidWorks 2009, new functionality was added to allow users to put toolbars onto a second monitor.  Also, other commands like Pack and Go from Windows Explorer could get pushed to a second monitor.  Best bet, if creating the settings file that will be sent out across the company,

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Is your typing…not up to PAR? Try this out.

  Another little tidbit for those of you, are just like me, a crappy typist….TYPOMagia. It's a typing program with a roll playing game twist. You type words to build up the strength of your Soliders and then release them upon your enemies. This can also be a good FREE!!! tool to help your kids with their word list for school, because you can create your own custom list. This is if you can type your kids word list without getting so angry you give up. It's fun, free, and good way to make you stop looking a the freakin keyboard. Bob McGaughey, CSWPRegional Technical ManagerComputer Aided Technology, Inc.

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Top Ten things about the Windows UI that drive me nutz!

I was at Borders last night and came across the May 2009 issue of Maximum PC Magazine. May issue…, at the first of April, that's a different rant for a different day. While flipping through the articles I saw"Eight UI Inconsistencies That Annoy Us" So, I've modified that list and added my own. 10 WINDOWS DOES NOT CLEAN UP AFTER ITSELF BY DEFAULT   In XP and Vista the Windows temp folder is not cleared regularly. But with 2009 you can use SolidWorks RX to clear out your temp files on a daily basis. This is important for SolidWorks users, it can affect performance. I've even seen it cause, "failed

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Multiple Mate Mode

When putting together assemblies, many times you will have a bunch of parts that are all mated the same to one part.  For example, you might have a bunch of parts that are concentric to the same shaft, or a bunch of parts that are coincident to the same surface.  Instead of adding mate, after mate, after mate, try Multiple Mate Mode.  This is found in the Mate Property Manager and you access it by selecting the paperclip with the lightning bolt on it.  In Multiple Mate Mode, the first thing you select is the common reference – the face that the other parts are mated to.  Then select faces

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Update to the CATI Customer Portal

How can you contact CATI support, let me count the ways. You can call us at 888 285 CATI, you can email us at and, since November 2004, you can use the CATI Customer Portal. The portal has been a success, but at 5 years old, it is beginning to show it's age, so we have developed a new version, with a new look and a lot of new features. The new CATI Customer Portal is based on the same system we use to run our business, so the information shown is up to date instantly. This platform allows us to make changes to the system as our needs 

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Keeping Track of Network License Usage

Want to know how often you are running out of network licenses in a day, week, or month?  You can do this using the SolidNetWork License Administrator log file.   This can be helpful to determine if you need to purchase another license of SolidWorks.  To do this, on the server, launch the SolidNetWork license Administrator and select the “Server Administration” tab.  From here, you can access the log file.  Open the log file, and run a search for “DENIED” or “license number of users already reached”.    **Note that this log file is reset every time the SolidNetWork License server is restarted. So you can only get the results since

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How is a SolidWorks Network License (SNL) Manager upgraded?

As companies are making the switch to SolidWorks 2009, we receive many calls on how to upgrade a SolidWorks Network License.  To make this easier for you, here are the steps to upgrading a SolidWorks Network License:   STEP 1:  Obtain a SolidNetWork License File The SolidNetWork License (SNL) file is a text file containing license information that clients access to check licenses in and out.  To obtain an SNL file with an existing Customer Center account, follow these steps: 1.      Go to 2.      Type email address and password and click ‘Sign-In’ 3.      Select the ‘My Products’ link.  4.      Select the serial number for the correct version and pick

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