Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#16)

(Modeling Methodology – Envelope) The next tool that we are going to look at for reducing the level of detail in our parts and subassemblies is Envelope. Both parts and assemblies can be set as an Envelope when inserted into and assembly or it can be set in the component properties. Envelopes have two main functions, can use them as a reference component or as a selection tool. Envelopes are ignored in global assembly operations such as bills of materials […]

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Parameters and Design Studies

In my opinion, one of the most underutilized tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation is the Design Study.  Design studies allow you to easily set up a number of ‘what if’ scenarios and run them all with the click of a button.  Sure, it might take a couple extra minutes to set up a few parameters, but the extra setup time will pay off handsomely later. Let’s take a look at the effects of varying mesh size for a stress concentration.  The […]

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Creating Section Views in SOLIDWORKS 2013

CATI's monthly contribution to the SOLIDWORKS Blog was posted this week. This month I chose to write about how section views have changed with SOLIDWORKS 2013. The article is based upon some common questions that we get into our tech support group from customers. The article details the new and old ways to create section views and the repercussions from telling SOLIDWORKS Don't show again. To view the article use the link below.  Josh Altergott Support Manager Computer Aided […]

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3D Printing Webinar – Printed Prototypes Feature Overmolded Parts

Any engineer working with CAD/CAM software knows the value of having a physical model in hand. Now, thanks to advanced 3D printing technology, engineers can create prototype models featuring overmodeled or soft touch parts, all in one procedure. Additive manufacturing technology has advanced so far that 3D printed prototypes are not only used for design validation but also for testing form, fit and function. Now, thanks to advanced 3D printing technology, engineers can create prototype models featuring overmodeled or soft […]

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QR codes 101

What is this? How does it help me?   Scan Me – CATI Home page. What you see there is a QR™ code (or Quick Response Code), which is a type of matrix barcode. Starting in Japan in the automobile industry it was used by machinery to quickly access information about parts, assembly process and other such information. Having for more information space than standard UPC barcodes and consistency of reads make QR codes a great way to access information […]

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Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#15)

(Modeling Methodology – Defeature) In one of our previous articles we talked about reducing the level of detail in our parts and subassemblies and one of the questions we have been asked is what features and tools that SOLIDWORKS provides gives us the best benefit when working with large assemblies. We looked at all the different tools available to us and we are starting with the Defeature tool. Defeature can be used on parts or assemblies and has a wizard […]

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How Do I Delete the SOLIDWORKS Registry Without Losing All of My Settings?

Some issues that come into support are not very easily resolved. To help isolate where to start looking for a solution, there is a program called SOLIDWORKS RX. According to the Home tab of SOLIDWORKS RX, this program can be used to help diagnose issues with your computer, perform SolidWorks aware system maintenance, or capture and review problems. We refer customers to these preliminary troubleshooting steps. So, I thought I should make it available to everyone. Make sure that SOLIDWORKS […]

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eDrawings translators

eDrawings – Invalid file type I ran across this recently with a customer. On 1 machine, they could not open Pro/E files. An error occurred – “File type not supported.” It took us a while to get to the answer. It came down to the initial download of eDrawings. By Default, the download will not include the 3D XML or PRO/E translators. You must specify this during the download. To start the download, go to and select the viewer […]

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Objet 30 Orthodesk

Digital orthodontics is rapidly becoming the standard production tool for orthodontic clinics and laboratories. Offering the ability to cut production times, increase efficiency, accuracy and digitally store orthodontic models, the benefits of digital production are clear. For orthodontic lab owners and managers, mid-size or small-size, choosing the right technologies to deliver the best return on investment is not always straightforward. With the introduction of the Objet 30 Orthodesk, Stratasys printers are leading the way in enabling orthodontic labs to reap […]

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Most people only use Visual Basic’s Message Box as an “alert” tool – a way to pass information to the user. Did you know you could use it to pass information back to your macro? The SOLIDWORKS API class teaches you to declare a variable and set that variable equal to the value returned by MsgBox. Works great, now the button the user chooses (in this case either a “Yes” or “No” button (most likely in this case “Yes”)) will be stored in the “result” variable. […]

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