Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#6)

(Hardware Testing – Hard Drives) When choosing hard drives our choices are almost unlimited and we need to keep in mind that hard drive speed affects every area of SOLIDWORKS modeling especially when RAM is in short supply. For our tests we had 5 different hard drive types that we tested each individually. We did not test drives for different roles, our OS, SWAP, SOLIDWORKS and data files were all on the same hard drive for each test. We also […]

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Sheet-Metal Multibody Parts: A new look in SOLIDWORKS 2013

For SOLIDWORKS 2013, the display of multibody parts in the FeatureManager Tree has been enhanced. The FeatureManager design tree structure now contains separate parent folders for Sheet-Metal bodies and their associated Flat-Patterns. These are the icons displayed. The FeatureManager Tree creates a new parent folder which contains each sheet metal body within the sheet metal part. The FeatureManager tree looks like this:           SOLIDWORKS 2013                         […]

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What Can’t You Design In SolidWorks? #2

RC Hovercraft #2 – SolidWorks To review, I had 4 main design criteria for the Remote Control Hover Craft. Utilize the SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Suite of software to develop and optimize the hovercraft design. The RC Hovercraft’s main components will be 3D Printed using the Stratasys UPrint. Easy to Assemble. I want to make the assembly as easy and as straight forward as possible with concise instructions. For purchases components, use low cost, off the shelf components including the […]

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Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#5)

(Hardware Testing – Processor Clock Speed) Processors can be expensive and choosing one speed over another usually means replacing one chip for another unless the vendor allows over-clocking. Most of your major manufactures do not allow for their systems to be over-clocked. For our testing BOXX Technologies, lent us a machine and they offer an option to over-clock their processors giving you the fastest processor possible for the money. BOXX systems are built to handle the heat created by over-clocking […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2013 System Requirements

View the SOLIDWORKS 2015 System Requirements >> SOLIDWORKS 2013 System Requirements We get a lot of support inquiries dealing with what kind of PC is the best to run Solidworks. Here are a few tips from the MCAD tech staff on selecting your next SOLIDWORKS system. Operating System • Windows 7 Professional x64 – recommended and preferred. • Windows 8 Professional x 64 – supported. • Vista Business x64 SP2 – supported but not preferred. • XP x64 – Not […]

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SOLIDWORKS Linear Pattern Feature with Vary Sketch Option

New for 2013 was an option for Linear and Circular Pattern features that allow you to vary instances of your pattern with settings such as dimension variances and spacing variances.  But did you know that for many years now we have also had an option to Vary the Sketch of the feature itself?  In the Linear Pattern command found in part modeling, you have an option to Vary Sketch when selecting a sketch dimension to follow for a direction.  In […]

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Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#4)

(Hardware Testing – Number of Cores for Simulation and PhotoView360) For our Simulation and PhotoView360 testing we moved to a different machine that was lent to us by BOXX. The machine is the BOXX RenderPro and was supplied with the following configuration; Dual XEON E5-2690 2.9GHz 20MB cache (8 cores each) 32GB RAM DDR3 750GB 7,200rpm SATA NVIDIA Quadro 600 For this testing we moved to XEON processors because it is Intel's only processor to support multiple processors in a […]

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Layout Sketches in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Layout sketches in an assembly can be a very effective and sometimes even necessary design technique.  It all depends on the application and of course the preferences comforts of the user as far as skill and technique are concerned.  One common obstacle with using assembly layouts is the apparent inability to use the assembly in a drawing.  This is in fact just a myth; you can easily create drawings of layout assemblies and here is how; 1. Begin with a […]

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Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#3)

(Hardware Testing – Number of Cores) The number of cores that a workstation has is critical for use of SOLIDWORKS — but only to a point. Since SOLIDWORKS can only take advantage of 2 cores itself, the numbers of cores needed is determined by how many other activities the workstation is going to need to perform while SOLIDWORKS is operating. The graph above reveals that when SOLIDWORKS is the only application running on a workstation, anything more than four cores […]

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