Olympic Fencers Get a Grip with Stratasys 3D Printers

Every day we see new and interesting applications being improved by 3D printing. But what about customizing sports equipment to give the athlete a competitive advantage? Well that’s exactly what is happening at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The university is renowned for its research and development in three key areas: Sports Equipment, Sports Training and Sports Conditioning.  A research team led by Professor Norihisa Fujii at the university’s Faculty of Gymnastics is developing customized equipment used by Japan’s fencing […]

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Update your EPDM Data Cards with ODBC

New, in in the advanced features section of PigeonHole 1.6, you have the ability to connect your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM data cards to your ODBC compatible databases. Now you have three choices to connect to databases: Connect to a SQL server given: Server, Database, User name and Password (The user name and password are not required if the user has a trusted connection to the database) Connect to an ODBC database through an ODBC DSN (data source name) With this choice; […]

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XLN Design Contest: Using 3D Printing to Develop Innovative Products for People with Special Needs

1.    Identify a common problem for people with special needs2.    Design a product to help solve the problem3.    Produce it with inexpensive materials and digital manufacturing technologies. Those were the basic guidelines for participants in the “Creating Tomorrow’s Products” contest, initiated by Israel’s Reut Institute XLN (Cross-Lab Network) project. There were plenty of great creative entries, all unique. The first place winner was a casting kit for custom-designing tableware for people with restricted hand mobility, by engineer Moshe Borocin. The product, 3D printed […]

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Where is your file shared?

The ability to have the exact same file exist in more than one location within your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM vault can be a huge time saver. The difficulty sometimes is that once a file has been shared, it can be difficult to tell where the file has been shared. If the file has not been deleted, you can search for the file –a separate listing of the file should appear for each share. I think it is easier to RMB […]

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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Names August 27 “Stratasys Day”

Stratasys has been officially honored by the government of Minnesota! In an official proclamation, Governor Mark Dayton and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie announced that August 27, 2013 was “Stratasys Day.” >Click here to read the full article found on the Stratasys Blog Visit the CATI website to learn more about 3D Printers. Tracy GoldenMarketing AssistantComputer Aided Technology, Inc.

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Convert to Sheet Metal in 3 easy steps (or as little as1)

SolidWorks makes it easy to create sheet metal parts out of solid or imported parts. We create a familiar solid part, non-sheet metal bodies, and convert them to sheet metal with associated sheet metal properties.  We can also use imported IGES files. The Covert to Sheet Metal command combines the Shell, Rip, and Insert (recognize) Bends commands. I will show you both examples. The first example will be converting an imported part and the second example will be converting a […]

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Colorado teenager 3D prints the next generation of prosthetic limbs

It all started with an idea and the desire to help.  Easton LaChappelle, a teenager from Colorado, met a young girl with an $80,000 prosthetic and immediately started to wonder if he could design something with an equally high quality at a much lower cost.  Since then, Easton has been doing some amazing work on designing advanced prosthetics with the use of SOLIDWORKS and 3D printers.  He built a prosthetic hand and arm for less than $500. >Click here to […]

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Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group

Greeting all SOLIDWORKS User Group Members and to all those who would like to participate in networking, learning, teaching and plain old having fun. Don’t forget to bring your bright ideas and SW trouble spots to share with others. Date: Thursday, September 19th. Location:   Ground Floor Conference Room, MJ Insurance Building9225 Priority Way West, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 Meeting Agenda:Time: 4:30pm Registration and networking.  Meeting starts at 5:00pm Opening remarks and introductions- Peter General meeting: Smap3D Plant Design connects the 2D […]

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SOLIDWORKS View Selector

While talking to some coworkers the other day the topic of SolidWorks View Selector came up in our discussion.  I hadn’t used this command much since it was introduced in 2013 SP0 so I decided to investigate this further.  In case this command seems new to you as well, the default way of accessing this is to press CTRL-Space bar while in a SOLIDWORKS Part or Assembly model.  You will see the following image of your model: Now, if you […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2014 Sneak Peek: Lock Rotation for Cylindrical Mates

SOLIDWORKS 2014 will be officially unveiled on September 9, and while you're waiting for the big reveal, we're going to give you a few peeks at some of the new features. The Path Length Dimension is an entirely new dimension available in sketches. It allows the creation of a path in a sketch to define the exact length of an item like a chain or belt. Like all dimensions in SOLIDWORKS, its value can be parametrically controlled in a variety […]

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