What happened to my SOLIDWORKS Add-ins?

Premium Add-Ins We recently had a customer who has a SOLIDWORKS Premium license but did not have any of the Premium add-ins. The customer installed and launched SolidWorks. It even launched as SOLIDWORKS Premium but did not have any of the add-ins. (Picture below is what SOLIDWORKS Premium Add-Ins should look like) I have seen this issue before and it is fairly common. The most likely cause of this is the add-ins were turned off during the install by accident. […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2014 Beta Now Available

That's right.  SOLIDWORKS 2014 is officially available for Beta Testing.  Visit the SOLIDWORKS Beta Site for complete information and to sign up. About SOLIDWORKS Beta Programs This is your opportunity to impact the quality, performance, and reliability of DS SOLIDWORKS products. SOLIDWORKS appreciates the valuable time you invest in testing their software. The R&D staff will be available to listen and react to your feedback in the Beta Forum. Simply said, the development and QA teams of SOLIDWORKS 2014 really […]

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How Stratasys’ Polyjet 3D Printing Technology Works

PolyJet 3D printing is similar to inkjet document printing. But instead of jetting drops of ink onto paper, PolyJet 3D printers jet layers of liquid photopolymer onto a build tray and cure them with UV light. The layers build up one at a time to create a 3D model or prototype. Fully cured models can be handled and used immediately, without additional post-curing. Along with the selected model materials, the 3D printer also jets a gel-like support material specially designed […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2014 Beta has just been released.  This is a great time to experiment with the next version of software before everyone else.  You are able to test out the ~200+ enhancements in anticipation for the full version release. Historically, there has been 3 “Beta” versions and a “Pre-Release” before Service Pack 0.  During each “Beta” version, there are competitions.  They range from finding different bugs to the best high quality renderings.  The winners receive Amazon gift cards ranging from […]

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Add information from external databases to EPDM data cards

It is always fun to see how people use applications in a different way than originally designed. PigeonHole was originally written to help people populate complicated data cards with drop lists from a grid type decision tree or from a SQL query. However, if PigeonHole is populating the drop lists with a SQL query AND there is only one result, PigeonHole doesn’t bother presenting the user with any choices, it simply populates the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM data card with the […]

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How Simple is Too Simple??

When doing simulations, time and accuracy are both very valuable.  Using different configurations is a good way to balance the two.  As always though, there are trade-offs from going too far either way.  Too much simplification can mean widely incorrect results while too little can lead to negligible decrease in time.   In this example, a wing was created with three configurations; ribbed, hollow and solid. A fixed geometry was added to the wing edges where it would attach to […]

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Test Drive SOLIDWORKS Simulation: A Hands-On Guided Tour

Have you seen our Simulation webinars, and are intrigued about how easy the Simulation products are to use? Or have you always been curious about SOLIDWORKS Simulation and just want to test drive it? Come and experience the product first-hand as one of our Simulation experts lead you step-by-step through setting up different types of analysis. You will: • Get a feel of how Simulation can augment product development, and where it can have a significant impact. • See how […]

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Additive Manufacturing Trends in Aerospace

Aerospace Industry Launches into the Future with Additive Manufacturing Trends  The aerospace industry has long been looked to as a leader in predicting manufacturing trends. Learn how organizations, such as NASA & Leptron, are using additive manufacturing in all cycles of production, from design concept to near-end-of-life repairs. In this white paper you will learn: How the aerospace industry leverages additive manufacturing throughout its processes and functions Benefits of design flexibility, cost reductions, and improved lead times How the leading aerospace organizations […]

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SOLIDWORKS Modeling Methodology – Part 1

CATI's monthly contribution to the SOLIDWORKS Blog was posted this week. This month I chose to write about proper modeling methodology for SolidWorks, this is part one of a two part set of articles. The reason for writing this article is because after working with so many customer files we have learned the one item that is not taught in any training class is proper modeling methodology. This first article talks about all of the different items we need to […]

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Stratasys to Acquire MakerBot, Merging Two Global 3D Printing Industry Leaders

Rumors about the aquisition have been swirling around the internet for the last few weeks.  Yesterday, it became official. Stratasys, Ltd. will aquire Makerbot in a deal worth over $400 Million.   According to yesterday's Press Release , "Stratasys intends for MakerBot to operate as a separate subsidiary, preserving its existing brand, management, as well as the spirit of collaboration it has built with its users and partners. Together with Stratasys, MakerBot will continue to innovate, expand its product offering, provide attentive service to […]

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