Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group

Greeting all SOLIDWORKS User Group Members and to all those who would like to participate in networking, learning, teaching and plain old having fun. Don’t forget to bring your bright ideas and SW trouble spots to share with others. Date: Thursday, September 19th. Location:   Ground Floor Conference Room, MJ Insurance Building9225 Priority Way West, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 Meeting Agenda:Time: 4:30pm Registration and networking.  Meeting starts at 5:00pm Opening remarks and introductions- Peter General meeting: Smap3D Plant Design connects the 2D […]

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SOLIDWORKS View Selector

While talking to some coworkers the other day the topic of SolidWorks View Selector came up in our discussion.  I hadn’t used this command much since it was introduced in 2013 SP0 so I decided to investigate this further.  In case this command seems new to you as well, the default way of accessing this is to press CTRL-Space bar while in a SOLIDWORKS Part or Assembly model.  You will see the following image of your model: Now, if you […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2014 Sneak Peek: Lock Rotation for Cylindrical Mates

SOLIDWORKS 2014 will be officially unveiled on September 9, and while you're waiting for the big reveal, we're going to give you a few peeks at some of the new features. The Path Length Dimension is an entirely new dimension available in sketches. It allows the creation of a path in a sketch to define the exact length of an item like a chain or belt. Like all dimensions in SOLIDWORKS, its value can be parametrically controlled in a variety […]

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3D Printed Windsurf Boards Custom Built to Your Ride

Shanon Marks started sailing as a child and windsurfing when he was only 12 years old. Growing up on Long Island, New York, Shanon would sail the New England coastline with his family. Now living in Chicago, his passion for sailing and surfing – and making these sports accessible to everyone – is still growing. At the end of 2012, Shanon founded MADE LLC. It’s mission: to not only make windsurfing accessible and affordable for everyone, but to also make […]

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The Design Looks Great, But How Much Does It Cost? Let SOLIDWORKS Costing Tell You.

The world is full of ‘what ifs’. What if I knew I could drive as fast as I wanted to work every day because I knew the police would never stop me for speeding? What if I knew moving my investments from one broker to another would guarantee me an additional 10% in earnings this year? What if I could simulate the cost of manufacturing my product before it ever left my computer? SOLIDWORKS can’t help you with getting to […]

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Network SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Networking SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2013 or later version works no different from any other add-in; add the serial number and reactivate the SNL on the server side and on the client side just install the software then turn on the add-in.  The 2012 version however runs a bit differently and if you have tried to install this, you have probably learned the hard way.  This is because SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2012 uses its own SNL manager. As per SOLIDWORKS knowledge base article […]

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Experience Rapid Manufacturing with 3D Printed Injection Molds

In manufacturing, 3D printing has turned the production of injection molded prototypes into a quick, easy and inexpensive process. Read on and watch how Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology helps a team at Budapest University create an injection mold with POM (acetal) for functional testing at dramatically reduced time and cost. >Click here to read the full article found on the Stratasys Blog Visit the CATI website to learn more about Stratasys 3D Printers. Tracy GoldenMarketing AssistantComputer Aided Technology, Inc.

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Increase efficiency and eliminate rework by testing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Sometimes you need to see something drawn out before you visualize it. Here are some issues you may have encountered in your production process: Have you ever designed a product, sent it over for production to test it out and spent ample time and resources on re-work and re-design? How do you choose the best materials for your product and design which direction to take while still in the modeling phase? How do you make your product lighter?  Stronger? >Click […]

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Stop Designing with Obsolete Files

Found an interesting letter in the mail bag this morning: Dear Engineering Specialist Man,  Due to your continued brilliance in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, I am compelled to question you yet again.  I’m trying to hide components in a particular state from users, but I want them to be available to open when required in an assembly. Is there a way to do that? The application is purchased components that are discontinued. We still need them for legacy assemblies, but I […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2014 Is Here! Attend a Design Innovation Summit Event to See It Live

Join CATI for our third annual Design Innovation Summit! The CATI Design Innovation Summit is an interactive learning experience focused on helping you design and make better products. This year we are taking you back to school with our SOLIDWORKS Training Focused agenda! In addition to covering What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2014, we have 7 unique lecture style training experiences for you. With content derived from our standard offering of SOLIDWORKS training classes, you will leave this year's Design Innovation Summit with the […]

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