Installing and Configuring SOLIDWORKS Composer 2013 SP2.0 on a NETWORK License

A couple of you SOLIDWORKS Composer users have been asking lately how the new network licensing work does? Well it works just like the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork License Manager, because that is what it is using. Same tools, same process, one important thing. You must have your network license manager on SOLIDWORKS 2013 sp2.0 to use that activation base network licensing and the newly release SOLIDWORKS Composer 2013 sp2.0. Below is a YouTube video that shows this process on the server and client side of […]

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Why are there green checks or minus signs in the configuration manager?

SolidWorks has done some updating for 2013 in how part and assembly data is saved.  In previous versions everytime a part/assembly is saved, SOLIDWORKS asks if you want to rebuild the document.  The best practice for that was to hit yes and then WAIT.  Saving the 3d image and updating all equations (if there are any) takes time and increases file size.  You now have the option of just saving all of the data of just one configuration and saving basic information about the […]

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Multi-Body Design Library Features

New for SOLIDWORKS 2013 is the capability to store library features as multi-body files.  This works great for adding plates and mounting feet to weldment part files.  The process for making one of these library features couldn’t be easier.  I’m going to walk you through the steps for making a foot plate to insert inside of a rectangular structural profile. First you want to make a base extruded feature in a new part to simulate the type of placement you […]

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Power on : SOLIDWORKS Flow for Electronic Components

To optimize the thermal performance of electronic components and ensure their operation, designers and engineers need to simulate both the environment and heat loads in and around components, PCBs, and complete products. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, augmented with the Electronic Cooling Module, enables you to easily perform complete thermal analysis and test design changes during the design phase. Lets consider a halogen floodlight with an aluminum housing, which contains a quartz glass front window, a silicone gasket, an aluminum internal reflector, […]

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CISUG (Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group) Meeting – Wednesday, March 20th

Location:  Wabash National, 1000 Sagamore Parkway S. Lafayette, IN 47905 Meeting Agenda:Time: 4:30pm Registration and networking.  Meeting starts at 5:00pm General meeting: “You missed  SOLIDWORKS World 2013?” – No worries! we’ll tell you what you missed Special guest presentation by Monica Stokke with Adaptive Corporation, a Dassault Systems reseller partner and Bob Durbin with Dassault SIMULIAProgram: SIMULIA Abaqus for SolidWorks: Advanced Realistic Simulation Made Easy ~ SIMULIA Abaqus for SOLIDWORKS offers advanced simulation capabilities to complement and extend SOLIDWORKS design […]

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DriveWorks Webinar Schedule for March 2013

DriveWorks webinars are proven to help greatly reduce the learning curve for SolidWorks. Join a few webinars in March to become more efficient with your automations and save countless hours of your time in the future.   DriveWorks Xpress Head Start Webinar You will learn… How to capture the parameters you want to control How to create a simple form to specify your products How to build rules that link the form inputs to the captured parameters that control your […]

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Introducing SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual, a new way to jumpstart your design process

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual As trustees of your SOLIDWORKS investment, we believe it’s our job to help you solve the real engineering challenges that you face every day, and those can’t always be solved with an enhancement request. It’s our job to think about the tools and capabilities you will need five, ten, even fifteen years down the road to keep you competitive. We owe that to you. To make that happen, our plan is to leverage the strength and capabilities […]

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Bonded Contact Condition

The bonded contact condition in SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be used to accurately handle load transfer in a multitude of cases where bodies stay in contact such as welded or glued bodies among others.  The software achieves this through two methods; aligning the meshes of the two bodies hence bonding the nodes of the two bodies (compatible) or by applying equivalent internal equations to the contact interface to achieve the same result (incompatible).  The latter is of course used in situations […]

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What Can’t You Design In SolidWorks?

RC Hovercraft #1 For this blog series I wanted to design something from scratch.  Not necessarily a new idea but something fun and cool.  My intention is to design a Remote Control Hovercraft from the ground up. I want to give you a brief description and history of a Hovercraft: A hovercraft or air-cushion vehicle is a vehicle capable of travelling over variable surfaces, such as land and water.  The hovercraft operates by forcing a high pressure of air between the bottom of […]

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