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Need to use SOLIDWORKS from home or work remote? Our guide provides insights to get you access with either a Standalone or SolidNetWork license:


Here is a great read on why to choose a "workstation" grade computer and a "workstation" grade video card. Mind you NVIDIA produces both products- the Quadro series and the […]

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The Best Pumpkin Chucker

If you like good old fashioned ballistics we you need to watch this video about using SOLIDWORKS Simulation to create a Pumpkin Chuckin Catapult. This looks like alot of fun […]

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CAD Program 3D

A 3D CAD Program Is Considered Necessary During Any Design Process Designing is an involving activity. This is because a series of steps are involved. First and foremost, planning definitely […]

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A worthless EPDM Enhancement

One of my favorite new SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM enhancements is, at least today, practically worthless….this enhancement didn’t even make it into the “What’s New” document. However its potential may make […]

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